Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins To Boost Brand Authority
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9 Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins To Boost Brand Authority

So, you’ve worked hard to publish killer content, sell high-quality products and services, and provide the best customer service around…

…and your customers love you for it.

So, why not share their happy sentiments about your online business with others?

Social proof, especially in the form of testimonials, is powerful stuff. In fact, we use social proof every day of our lives to make simple and complex decisions about all sorts of things.

And the truth is, people trust what others have to say. So much so, that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as friends and family.

The positive things people have to say about your business can boost your authority, lend credibility to your brand, and establish you as an authority in your industry.

But only if you share their thoughts with others on your website for people to see.

If you’re ready to show the world how great your online business really is, check out this roundup of the best WordPress testimonial plugins and get started right away. I’ll even help you decide which testimonial plugin is the best option for your individual needs.

The best WordPress testimonial plugins for 2019

1. Thrive Ovation – Collect & display testimonials on autopilot

Thrive Ovation not only helps you display testimonials on your WordPress website, it helps with the collection process too (which is often the most difficult and time-consuming part of the process!).

With this WordPress testimonial plugin, you can collect testimonials using two very simple methods:

  1. WordPress Comments – Transform your site’s comments into testimonials with one-click, complete with names and images.
  2. Social Media – Integrate Thrive Ovation with Twitter and Facebook to grab positive comments and import them into your testimonial Rolodex. 

But here’s the kicker. Thrive Ovation has a third way for you to collect testimonials for your WordPress site that’s even easier than the methods mentioned above.

With Thrive Ovation, you can create dedicated testimonial landing pages, blog posts, and opt-in forms and let the plugin do all the work for you. All you have to do is send out automated messages to current customers asking them for feedback, complete with a link back to your testimonial page so they can fill it out.

If you use Thrive Architect, you can easily customize testimonial collection forms. And if not, you can always use WordPress shortcodes and give customers an easy way to rave about your brand.

Other stand out features include:

  • Tag testimonials so they dynamically display where you want them to – automatically
  • Showcase testimonials using any of the dozens of pre-designed templates
  • Customize your testimonial color schemes, layouts, font styles, and more
  • Manage testimonials in the Thrive Ovation dashboard with ease, right from your WordPress site

Price: Starts at $39 for a single site license. Or, as part of a Thrive Membership for $19/month.

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2. Testimonials Slider – Display customer testimonials within minutes

Testimonials Slider is a simple WordPress testimonial plugin that gives you an easy way to display what your happy customers are saying about your company to all your site visitors.

Using the beautiful built-in templates, you can display testimonials on your site in two ways:

  1. As a slider, as the name suggests, that will highlight the best stories you have or as many testimonials possible – whichever you choose
  2. As a grid layout, for those that have tons of testimonials and a page on their site dedicated to them, complete with smart column calculations so your site’s testimonials always render perfectly without you having to hassle with layouts

Enrich your testimonials and encourage prospective customers to trust you by adding details like a name, company, position, social profile, company logo, ,website/URL, and photo to each testimonial you display.

Additional features include:

  • Both Gutenberg Editor support and GDPR compliance
  • 100% mobile-friendly design, including touch responsive
  • View sliders using arrows, touch moves, or pagination on all device types
  • No coding skills needed and very few plugin configurations

Price: $22 for a single WordPress site.

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3. Testimonials Showcase – Show a slider or grid, it’s up to you

Testimonials Showcase is a great testimonial plugin that gives you the option of displaying testimonials as a static grid or a stunning slider for people to view.

Though this plugin isn’t as feature-packed as some of the others in this roundup, one thing is for sure, it has plenty of customization options:

  • Choose from 5 pre-built templates
  • Add a default Gravatar when images aren’t available
  • Add a star rating feature
  • Include schema markup and boost your chances of receiving rich snippets
  • Customize the slider transitions, number of testimonials to display, and control types
  • Select from over 15 testimonial layouts
  • Translate testimonials for your global audience
  • Add specialty links – testimonial subtitle, image, or “Read More” tag (perfect for case studies!)
  • Choose rounded speech bubbles, flat speech bubbles, flat card boxes, quote marks, or simple separators

If you have a large collection of testimonials, Testimonials Showcase will display dynamic results from that pool of approved comments. Plus, it comes with a basic frontend testimonial submission form to help you with the testimonial collection process.

Price: $17 for a single site license.

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4. Elementor Pro – All-in-one page builder with testimonial capability

Elementor Pro is not a true testimonial plugin for WordPress. Instead, it’s a comprehensive drag & drop page builder that helps you build websites from the ground up, complete with the ability to display testimonial on your site however and wherever you want.

When it comes to using Elementor to showcase testimonials on your site, start by knowing that there are over 90 widgets to choose from that can help, including:

  • Video
  • Star ratings
  • Static testimonial
  • Testimonial Carousel
  • Review Slider
  • Product Rating

Adding to that, Elementor is completely responsive by design, so no matter what device type your site visitors are using, they’ll be able to see what your satisfied customers are saying. You can also build customized frontend testimonial submission forms to help the collection process.

And if you really want to ramp up your testimonial game, work on building a bigger email list with Elementor, integrate it with your favorite email service provider, and send out personalized campaigns asking existing customers for feedback.

Collect the usual details – name, job, website/URL, image, and of course, testimonial – and then customize the look and feel to match your brand. Then, choose from pre-designed skins and change colors, fonts, alignments, and layouts.

And if you use the testimonial carousel widget, maintain control over the transition effects and speed, navigations (arrows or dots anyone?), and how many testimonials to display at any given time.

Price: $36/year for one WordPress site.

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5. Testimonial Rotator – Free testimonial rotator plugin that’s simple to use

Testimonial Rotator offers site owners a simple and affordable way to manage and place testimonials on their WordPress sites.

This free testimonial plugin creates both a testimonial and testimonial rotator custom post type on your site so that you can input satisfied reviews and assign them to one or more rotators that are on your site for people to see.

It comes with notable features such as:

  • Ability to display testimonials using a widget or shortcode
  • Pagination in list format
  • Randomize testimonials
  • Configure rotator settings in admin section
  • Add star ratings with schema markup to get rich snippets
  • Create your own custom template or use the pre-designed ones
  • Customize transition effect, image size, number of testimonials, and more

When you use Testimonial Rotator, you get access to five free themes that work seamlessly with the plugin. If you want to unlock additional plugin features, you don’t need to buy a premium version. Instead, you purchase a premium theme to change the look of your testimonials.

Unique right?

Price: FREE. Premium themes cost $19.99 for one site.

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6. Testimonial Widget – Beautiful testimonials slider + slideshow content filtering

Testimonial Widget, despite its name, is a WordPress testimonial plugin that lets you show off testimonials anywhere on your site via a shortcode or using a widgetized area.

That said, this free testimonial plugin has two standout features setting it apart from the other plugins in this roundup:

  1. Display different testimonials on different pages of your site by filtering them based on WordPress tags, categories, or post IDs
  2. Include mixed content in your testimonial sliders – text, images, and video content

With this easy to use plugin, you can choose from slide-in, carousel, or fade transitions. And if you’re after a more simplistic styling, you also have the option to create a static list of testimonials for site visitors to read.

And don’t worry, this free testimonial plugin is responsive by design so no matter what type of device or screen size your prospective customers have, they’ll be able to view your testimonial social proof.

Price: FREE

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7. BNE Testimonials – Inherits theme styling for perfect branding

BNE Testimonials is another free testimonial plugin that helps you add testimonials and reviews to your WordPress website with very little work on your part because it inherits the styling from your theme.

Basically, it’s a set it and forget it plugin.

Add your satisfied customers’ testimonials to any post or page using a shortcode or sidebar using a widget. Include details like title, image, tagline, website/URL, and comment so interested customers get a real feel for why your customers are happy with your business.

And don’t forget these cool features:

  • Display testimonials as a slider or static list
  • Organize and manage testimonials on the backend of your site
  • Create testimonials as custom post types (and edit just like you would a post or page)

Price: FREE

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8. WPForms – Create a form for collecting testimonials

WPForms claims to be the most beginner-friendly contact form plugin in the market. And while I’m not here to debate that, what I am here for is to show you how WPForms is one of the best solutions for creating testimonial submission forms.

Combining the pre-designed testimonial form template (that’s also fully customizable) and the drag & drop form builder, WPForms makes collecting testimonials from site visitors a breeze.

Here are the features that help:

  • File uploads for those that want to submit video clips
  • Star rating field for products/services
  • Likert Scale for asking specific questions
  • Net Promoter Score for gauging likelihood of recommendation
  • Form Pages Addon for creating a distraction-free testimonial landing pages

Price: $39.50/year for a single site (limited features). To access the pre-designed testimonial form template (and other helpful features) you’ll have to pay $199.50/year.

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9, Instagram Testimonials – Let Instagram comments build trust in your brand

Instagram Testimonials compliments itself on being the first and only WordPress plugin designed for Instagram testimonials.

To use this unique testimonial plugin, integrate your Instagram account with WordPress and start showing Instagram posts from happy customers as testimonials on your site.

In addition, add fun emoji stickers to your testimonials (a language everyone understands!), star ratings, and even exclusive hashtags to encourage people to publish more reviews about your business.

You can display your Instagram testimonials as a slider or in a grid layout. Plus, you can choose from the classic, poster, or horizontal layouts for maximum visual appeal.

Lastly, define what information to include on your website, such as:

  • User picture
  • Username
  • Date
  • Likes count
  • Comments count
  • Sharing ability
  • Picture
  • Instagram icon

Price: $24 for a single site.

Get Instagram Testimonials

Which WordPress testimonial plugin should you use?

Of course, you don’t need to use all of the WordPress testimonial plugins in this roundup to achieve your goals of boosting sales through social proof. Here’s quick rundown of why each solution might be your best bet according to your individual needs:

  • Thrive Ovation – When you need a full-featured testimonial plugin that helps you collect and display testimonials on your site – automatically.
  • Testimonials Slider – For those times you just want a simple testimonial slider.
  • Testimonials Showcase – If you need a little more options – slider or static grid – and tons of testimonial customizations when it comes to visual appeal.
  • Elementor Pro – Want to build your site and add testimonials using the same tool? Elementor Pro is for you!
  • Testimonial Rotator – When money is tight but you want a cool testimonial rotator.
  • Testimonial Widget – If control over how you display your testimonials is important to you, pick this plugin.
  • BNE Testimonials – For those that don’t want to deal with customizing the look and feel of their testimonials.
  • WPForms – To be used when testimonial collection is your biggest issue.
  • Instagram Testimonials – If you have a strong Instagram presence and want to showcase the great things people have to say about your brand on social media to your website visitors.
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