Thrive Quiz Builder Review
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Thrive Quiz Builder Review: Grow Your Traffic And Email List Using Viral Quizzes

Quizzes are everywhere.

How often do you see them popping up on your Facebook feed? It seems to be a daily event on mine.

And when you see them, it’s hard to ignore the challenge, isn’t it?

You know the kind:

“I got Spelling Champ! Can you correctly spell the top 20 misspelled words?”

I bet you say:

“No sweat. I can beat that!”

Quizzes are incredibly viral and engaging by nature. Take a look at the big quiz websites like Buzzfeed, and you’ll see that they get tons of traffic and shares.

And that’s cool.

But did you know that you can also use quizzes to learn more about your audience, while growing your email list at the same time?

It’s true. And one WordPress plugin that allows you to do just that is Thrive Quiz Builder.

In this review, you’ll discover how Thrive Quiz Builder works and what customer insights it gathers.

Let’s begin.

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What is Thrive Quiz Builder?

1 Thrive Quiz Builder
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Thrive Quiz Builder is a WordPress plugin that lets you create quizzes on your website.

It has two primary goals:

  1. To help you create quizzes to engage and grab the attention of your visitors (without needing to know how to code or work photoshop).
  2. To help you increase your email list, social shares, and give you customer insights.

It’s not designed to embed your quizzes on Facebook or other social media channels. But you can share them on those channels and direct fans to your website. In fact, it’s much safer to build your audience on your site rather than renting space on social networks.

Using Thrive Quiz Builder

There are loads of features in Thrive Quiz Builder; some simple and some advanced.

It’s easy to get building your quiz straight away by following a few mandatory steps. After you’ve built your quiz, you can start creating variations and reviewing results with the advanced features.

We’ll look at the advanced features later. But first, let’s start by building a simple quiz.

Creating a simple quiz

In this section, I’m going to show you how to create a simple quiz.

Create a new quiz

The first step is to add a new quiz:

2a Add New Quiz
  • Save

You can either build a quiz from scratch or use one of the two ‘ready-made’ templates.

The main difference between them is that the ‘ready-made’ templates come with a predefined quiz structure. While the ‘build-from-scratch’ templates allow you to customize the structure however you’d like.

  • Build from scratch – Quiz with no predefined settings.
  • List building template – Quiz optimized for building an email list; e.g. splash page > quiz > opt-in gate.
  • Social shares template – Quiz optimized for social sharing; e.g. splash page > quiz > badge share.

To keep things simple, I’ve chosen to build a quiz from scratch:

2b Choose Template
  • Save

And labeled it WP Superstars Demo:

2c Label Your Quiz
  • Save

Now the Quiz Builder Dashboard displays your quiz framework:

2d Dashboard Quiz Type
  • Save

The next stage is to complete four mandatory steps.

Step 1 – Select a quiz type

You can choose from three types of quiz:

2e Quiz Type
  • Save

  • Number – Use this quiz type if you want to display the final result of the quiz as a number; e.g. “You got 10 right!”
  • Percentage – Use this quiz type if you want to show the final result of the quiz as a percentage; e.g. “You scored 80%!”
  • Category – In this quiz, you set up some possible result categories. An example of this would be a personality type quiz; e.g. A “Which Harry Potter Character Are You?” quiz would tell you “You’re Dobby The House Elf.”

Step 2 – Select a quiz style

The Quiz Style ensures you have a consistent look across all of the elements of the quiz. This means that the splash page, the questions, the opt-in gate and the results page can all have the same design.

There are currently four quiz styles:

  • Light Blue

2f Style Light Blue
  • Save

  • Dark Quiz

2g Style Dark
  • Save

  • Style 3 (Orange)

2h Style Orange
  • Save

  • Style 4 (Dark Blue)

2i Style Dark Blue
  • Save

You can change the quiz style at any time during or after the creation of your quiz.

Step 3 – Define questions and answers

Next, you enter the questions and answers for your quiz:

2j Step 3
  • Save

You start with a blank canvas and click Add Question to get started:

2k Blank Canvas
  • Save

You can select from two Question Types:

  • Multiple Choice with Text Buttons

2l Questions And Answers
  • Save

  • Multiple Choice with Images

2m Questions And Answers Image
  • Save

You can use a variety of these question types throughout your quiz.

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For each of your answers, you assign a points score. In this simple example, I’ve assigned one point for the correct answer and zero points for the wrong answers:

2n Weighting Score
  • Save

If you don’t have a simple correct/incorrect question, you can make scoring more accurate by adding a weighting score to the answers.

For Example: Imagine you have a “How social are you?” quiz and one of the questions is: How often do you go out each week? You can give weights for each answer. “Every night” would have a 10 point weight, “3-5 nights” would have a 5 point weight and “less than 1 night” would have a 1 point weight. This allows the “more social” person to get more points.

Pro Tip: Vary the number of answers to each question to avoid the quiz taker falling into a clicking pattern.

After you’ve added your quiz questions your screen looks like this:

2o Final Canvas
  • Save

You can drag-and-drop the questions on the screen if you want to change the order. If you were creating a more advanced quiz, then there might be alternative routes to follow depending on the outcome.

When you’re happy with your layout, then save and exit to the dashboard.

Step 4 – Create a results page

The final step is to create your results page:

2p Results Page
  • Save

You start by selecting your results page template:

2q Results Page Template
  • Save

You can design the page as you wish using the visual editor; e.g. add an image or button, change the font size:

2r Results Page Design
  • Save

When you’ve finished editing your design, save your changes and head back to the dashboard.

Optional items

Those are the four mandatory steps required to build your quiz. You can change their settings at any time.

2s Optional Items
  • Save

But there are also three more optional items that you may want to add:

  • Social Share Badge – Creates a customizable image that leads to more shares.
  • Splash Page – Creates a landing page where visitors start your quiz.
  • Opt-in Gate – Request quiz takers to submit their email address before getting their results.

Display your quiz

Finally, you’ll want to display the finished quiz on your website. All you have to do is add the shortcode to your post or page:

2t Shortcode
  • Save

Using the standard WordPress Twenty Sixteen theme, the Question Page looks like this:

2u Demo Question On Page
  • Save

And the Results Page looks like this:

2v Demo Results Page
  • Save

Creating a simple quiz and getting it on your website is just the beginning. Let’s see what else Thrive Quiz Builder has to offer.

Getting advanced

Thrive Quiz Builder has more advanced features to help you gather more insights and generate more leads.

A/B testing

The Thrive Quiz Builder plugin lets you run A/B tests between variations that you can set up on your Splash Page, Opt-in Gate or on your Results Page. The page with the best conversion rate wins the A/B test.

  • Splash Page – Find the best layout to get more people to start the quiz.
  • Opt-in Gate – Find the best opt-in form to build your email list faster.
  • Result Page – Find the best content and layout to get the most conversions or shares.

The Quiz Builder interface makes it easy to create one or more test variations and launch an A/B test quickly. There is always a Control version of your page:

3a AB Testing
  • Save

From there you can create a variation using the clone function:

3b Clone
  • Save

Plus, you can even put the test on autopilot and let the plugin automatically eliminate underperforming variations until only the highest converting design remains.

Dynamic results

Using the dynamic content feature in Thrive Quiz Builder, you can change the content of the results page depending on the result that the visitor achieved.

The dynamic content should be highly targeted and relevant to the individual visitor’s interests; for example:

  • A personalized recommendation about what to read next on your site
  • A product recommendation
  • An affiliate offer

Imagine you have a quiz about golfing. You could have two possible results pages.

  1. If they’re a beginner golfer, their results page will show them three beginner level blog posts to read.
  2. If they’re a more advanced golfer, their results page will show an opt-in form for a higher level guide on golf swings.

3c Dynamic Results
  • Save

The dynamic content lets you segment your visitors, so they see the content that is relevant to them. And it allows you to segment your mailing list so you can send them targeted messages in the future.

Powerful analytics

Creating and running simple or complex quizzes is great. But how do you know what is and isn’t working?

Thrive Quiz Builder has a reporting suite built into the dashboard. You can monitor results over different time intervals; e.g. daily, weekly, monthly.

Here’s what you can track:

  • Quiz Completion Report – See how many people are starting and finishing the quiz:

3d Completion Reporting
  • Save

  • Quiz Flow Report – See where visitors are dropping off, which conversion goals are successful, and the most common path taken:

3e Flow Reporting
  • Save

  • Questions Report – See how each question is being answered:

3f Questions Reporting
  • Save

  • Users Report – Get a breakdown of each user that’s taken your quiz:
    • Time and date that the quiz was taken
    • The IP address of the quiz participant
    • The score that the visitor achieved
    • The social share badge that was generated (if applicable)

3g User Reporting
  • Save

Note: The reporting suite excludes all data from administrators and super administrators to ensure the integrity of the data. Data from logged in users like editors, authors, contributors and subscribers, is included.

Get Thrive Quiz Builder


There are three pricing options for Thrive Quiz Builder:

  • $67 – Single Site License
  • $97 – 5 License Pack
  • $147 – 15 License Pack

Each option includes unlimited free updates and one full year of support.

Alternatively, you could join the Thrive Membership Scheme and get access to all of the Thrive themes and plugins, including the Quiz Builder, with unlimited support.

Thrive Quiz Builder pro’s and con’s


  • Easy Quiz Builder with foolproof 4-Step Setup Wizard
  • Includes 3 Quiz Templates, 3 Quiz Types, 2 Question Types
  • Question Weighting for more accurate scoring
  • Opt-In Gate to collect email addresses if required
  • Social Sharing Badge Editor with pre-sized templates
  • A/B Testing to optimize conversions
  • Dynamic Results to segment content
  • Powerful Analytics to monitor quiz performance
  • Mobile Friendly to display quizzes on all devices
  • Quiz Dashboard to keep an overview on all your quizzes


  • Only 4 Quiz Styles


WordPress quiz building plugins have been around for some time. But none have reached the standards found in the Thrive Quiz Builder.

Thrive has developed a more advanced plugin so that you can create more stunning quizzes and gain more customer insights.

Plus, Thrive provides excellent support and training to help you understand how to build the best possible quizzes and use them to boost your business.

If you’re looking to create quizzes on your website, grow your mailing list or easily segment your customers, then you should get Thrive Quiz Builder. It transforms the simple quiz into a customer insight & lead generation machine.

All round, it’s a winner!

Get Thrive Quiz Builder

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