Top WordPress Popover Plugins To Accelerate Your Email List
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4 Powerful Popup Plugins To Accelerate Your Email List Growth

If you’re like most marketers or small businesses, you probably have an email opt-in form on your site to build your subscriber list. You’ve heard the phrase the money is in the list and you don’t want to be left out.

Let’s be honest, though, are you really killing it in the list building department?

It doesn’t matter the niche or business you’re in, I’m sure you could always use more email subscribers and a bigger list. Email marketing is enjoying a bit of a rebirth lately – likely because it works so well!

You’ve probably seen the typical opt-in or CTA boxes usually found on a blog’s sidebar – maybe that’s where yours is located. If you haven’t seen them in a while, you’ve probably just got a case of banner blindness. Believe me, they’re still there, and they’re very easy to overlook.

So, you know you need to grow your email list, but if everybody is skipping over your opt-in box and not subscribing, what can you do?

Luckily, WordPress has some great email list building plugins available – both free and paid – that you can use to add call-to-actions throughout your website and breathe new life into your old, boring opt-in box.

Let’s look at 4 top WordPress popover plugins that can be used to explode your email list growth.

4 best WordPress popup plugins to grow your email list

1. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads
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One of the most popular WordPress list building plugins is Thrive Leads by Thrive Themes. It’s extremely powerful, includes many features and the developers keep adding new features to help you grow your subscriber list.

And, it’s easy to use, too. Even an absolute beginner can create unique and attractive email opt-in forms and popovers with their built-in visual content builder.

You can pick from the many templates included, and can also add or customize things like headlines and buttons by clicking and dragging.

Thrive Leads
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The detailed reporting features are top-notch, and complex marketing tests can be carried out with their built-in A/B split testing.

Are you not sure what headline or time-delay works best? Just clone an existing opt-in box, make the change, and let Thrive Leads alternate between the two versions and report back the conversion rates.

Direct integration with most popular email service providers from MailChimp to Aweber to Drip makes adding new subscribers to your lists a cinch. And, if you’re using an unsupported service, you simply paste their provided HTML form code.

Ever clicked a link in an email newsletter only to arrive at the website and be bombarded with popovers or opt-ins asking you to subscribe to the newsletter you’re already subscribed to?

With a recently added feature called SmartLinks, Thrive Leads creates a special link to use in your newsletters that when clicked, sends visitors to the desired page without displaying the opt-in prompts.

Thrive Smart Links
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And just recently, a new opt-in form type was added to Thrive Leads called Scroll Mat. Even though this is a brand new addition, you’ve probably already seen this style of lead capture on websites before.

It’s an opt-in form that triggers on page load and scrolls down from the top to fill the entire screen. Your visitors have no choice but to view the opt-in offer.

Thrive Leads has many other opt-in popover styles and you can use shortcodes to embed them directly in your posts or pages, or you use any of the included methods to display them such as:

  • Time-delayed popup lightboxes
  • Exit-intent popups (only appears when a visitor moves the mouse to leave your site – desktop only)
  • A sticky ribbon/top bar that persists when a visitor scrolls
  • An inline form below a post
  • 2-step popup forms that only appear after clicking a link or button
  • Popups that slide in from the corner
  • Widgets (normally used on a sidebar or footer)

All this comes at a very reasonable price: $67 for a single site, $97 for use on all your sites and a $247 agency rate for use on client sites. Each plan includes a year of support and free updates.

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2. ConvertPro

Convert Pro
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ConvertPro is a popular lead generation plugin for WordPress. You can opt for a regular popover, a full-screen popover, or a less intrusive slide-in form.

As well as a variety of other opt-in form types such as in-content forms, widgets, etc:

Opt In Form Types
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For each type of opt-in form, ConvertPro provides a range of different templates. For example, here are some of the templates available for the modal popup:

Templates Available For modal Popup
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Like with Thrive Leads, ConvertPro offers the ability to create forms from scratch and tailor the design to exactly how you want it to look. The templates do make it a lot faster to get started though.

Their editor is drag & drop, so you can customise those templates as much as you like.

ConvertPro is a modular plugin in sense that you can install optional add-ons, as and when you need them. Here are some examples of add-ons:

  • Connects – Allows the plugin to integrate with your email provider.
  • Advanced Scripts – Allows you to add scripts that will be activated when forms are submitted, closed, and more.
  • Analytics – Gives you the option to integrate the plugin with Google Analytics.
  • A/B Test – Want to split test your forms to find what converts best? This is the add-on you’ll need.
  • Import/Export – If you want to import forms to a different website, or simply make backups – the Import/Export add-on makes it possible.

ConvertPro is available for $99 for unlimited websites (updates and support for 1 year), or lifetime for $399. There’s also an agency bundle that offers their other products such as Astra Pro, Schema Pro, Ultimate Addons for Elementor, and more.

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3. Bloom

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Bloom – developed by Elegant Themes – is another powerful WordPress list building popover plugin with a feature set similar to Thrive Leads.

If you’re a fan of the flat design trend, you’ll love Bloom’s templates. It includes over 100 well-designed ones, all with the flat design look – all mobile-friendly and retina-ready. Also, you can easily customize the colors, fonts, orientation and many other aspects of the general look and feel.

If you’ve ever seen websites that make you opt-in before reading certain content – called content locking – Bloom enables you to add this to your website as well.

You can also use shortcodes to embed opt-in forms directly in your posts, or choose from any of the following display options:

  • Automatically triggered popups and fly-ins (based on time-delay, user action or inactivity)
  • Below-content opt-in forms
  • Opt-in form widgets placed in your sidebar or footer

And, you can customize where and when each type of form is displayed, all the way down to a per-page level.

At the heart of the plugin’s reporting interface is the Boom Dashboard. Attractive and functional, it is here where you view conversion rates, A/B split testing results, email list statistics and more.

Bloom Dashboard
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When it comes to pricing, Bloom isn’t offered as an individual purchase. Elegant Themes is traditionally a WordPress theme shop, so for $89/year or a single $249 lifetime fee you get unlimited use and access to all themes (currently 87 high-quality designs) and all plugins – including Bloom. All in all, it’s a tremendous deal.

You can learn more about Bloom extensive features below.

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4. OptinMonster

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OptinMonster is one of the oldest and most popular WordPress email list building plugins. Before there were plugins like Thrive Leads and Bloom, it was probably the most well-known one.

But, OptinMonster has changed its business model to a Software as a Service (SaaS) type. For the end user, this means easier management, new features and potentially better performance for those on limited shared hosting providers. Of course, WordPress users can still interact with the service by using the OptinMonster WordPress plugin.

With their new SaaS infrastructure, OptinMonster now includes detailed reporting, conversion and referral tracking. Enhanced analytics – including integration with Google Analytics – makes data analysis a breeze.

For 2-step opt-ins – often called content upgrades – OptinMonster has renamed and revamped its manual trigger option into MonsterLinks.

Along with their famous exit-intent popover technology, OptinMonster enables you to trigger a popup when a visitor scrolls past a certain predetermined point – great to lower bounce rate by not pestering visitors the second they arrive on your website.

Other features include:

  • Multiple opt-in types like popovers, ribbons, slide-ins and more
  • Easy integration with most major email service providers
  • Page-level user targeting based on various factors such as referral source
  • Easy-to-use built-in A/B split testing so you can test and optimize sales copy to improve conversions
  • Mobile-only popover forms and lightboxes
  • Over 25 built-in MonsterEffects to add fancy animation to your popovers

Lastly, one of the most important time-saving features of the new OptinMonster – especially for heavy users with multiple websites – is the ability to manage all of your opt-ins from a central dashboard location.

Pricing starts at $19/month (or $9/month when paid annually) to use the Basic version on one website, all the way up to $39/month (or $29/month when paid annually) to use the Pro version on unlimited sites – with a number of price points in-between.

As you go from the Basic to Plus to Pro version, the price increases, and more features are included. But, if you’re just looking for a quality popover list building plugin with powerful reporting and split testing features, the $9/month version should be an excellent start.

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Wrapping up

Growing your email list is one of the most important – if not the most important – thing you should focus on in your online business.

Getting quality traffic to your website is no easy task. SEO can be unreliable and when you pause or stop buying advertising, your traffic can come to an abrupt halt.

By capturing your visitor’s email address using a WordPress popup plugin, you have yourself a valuable asset that you can contact and market to many times over.

Thrive Leads is the best all-around value for your money and features, with ConvertPro coming a close second.

Bloom is a solid option, but it has to be bought as part of a bundle with other Elegant Themes products.

If you want to manage popovers across multiple websites, or run an eCommerce website, OptinMonster is a quality solution but slightly more expensive.

And if you found this useful, be sure to check out our tutorial on how to add an opt-in form to WordPress.

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