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Thrive Ovation Review: A Seriously Powerful WordPress Testimonial Plugin

Testimonials are one of the most overlooked features of website design. It’s the last thing you think about when building your site and it’s often tagged on as a hurried afterthought.

The truth is, testimonials have far more conversion power than we give them credit for.

Accounts from people who have used your products, add credibility to your website.

These are real people with real opinions, with the power to sway your reader’s purchase decisions.

So, how you display customer or client testimonials on your site should be at the top of your to-do list.

But where do you start?

Thrive Ovation is one place you begin. Let’s take a closer look and learn more in this Thrive Ovation review.

What is Thrive Ovation?

Thrive Ovation is an all-in-one testimonial management plugin.

Thrive Ovation has three primary features that help you:

  • To capture testimonials in the easiest way possible so they are all in one place
  • To manage and edit testimonials so you can use them in the most effective places
  • To display your testimonials anywhere on your website through beautiful and editable templates

This plugin works well with or without other Thrive products. Meaning there’s no need to buy any extras.

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Using Thrive Ovation

Thrive Ovation is rich in features that are easy to use, even for beginners.

Getting started is straightforward. Simply start adding your testimonials to your Ovation dashboard. This is the central hub for everything.

You can edit and manage entries later and display them using gorgeous templates. But first, let’s look closer at how to manually gather testimonials.

Gathering testimonials

Manually gathering your testimonials is the easiest option in Thrive Ovation.

To begin, head to the Ovation dashboard and click Add New.

Gathering testimonials - add new
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This will open an overlay titled ‘Create New Testimonial’.

Gathering testimonials - create new
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Here you can enter all the details related to your client or customer including:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Website
  • Occupation
  • Photograph
  • Tags

And of course the title and main content of their testimonial.

Once you’re finished, click Add Testimonial. It will now be visible in your dashboard.

Pro Tip: Add as many relevant tags as you can. For example, ‘support’ if the content mentions the support you offer. This will be useful for displaying dynamic content further down the line.

Turning comments into testimonials

Another way of adding rich content to your testimonials is to turn your best WordPress comments into one. Thrive Ovation allows you to do this with one click.

To do this, navigate to your comments section in WordPress.

On the right-hand side of your comments, you will see a blue plus sign. When you hover over this it says ‘Create testimonial from comment’.

Create testimonial from comment
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Click this button and you will be taken to the Edit Testimonial window. Here you can edit the same information as in the manual option. When you’re finished click Add Testimonial and it will be displayed in your dashboard.

This is such a great way to gather key comments from your audience with minimal effort required.

Social testimonials

Gathering testimonials from social media is another way to capture what customers are saying. But, this is a little more involved than the previous options.

Click Capture Testimonials from your dashboard and select Import from Social Media.

From there you will be prompted to Set Up Integrations. Click the button and a new window will be opened.

Set up integrations
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Select Add New Connection. For this review, I’m keeping things simple and chose Twitter for my integration. So you would select Twitter from the drop down of apps.

Next, you will need to set up your Twitter API connection. If you don’t know how to do this, click the blue arrow next to the title Twitter and watch a quick video explainer.

Once you have filled in your API information and saved, go back to the Import from Social Media page. It should look like the page below.

Import from social media
  • Save

Now you can paste the link of a tweet that you wish to use as a testimonial.

Ovation pulls all the relevant data from Twitter and you can edit before saving. Once saved, it will display in your dashboard.

Automatic testimonial collection

The last way to capture testimonials is through the use of a form displayed on your website. This is a static form that can be published using:

  • Shortcodes
  • Thrive Architect
  • Thrive Leads

To keep things simple, let’s use the shortcode option.

From your dashboard click Capture using WordPress Shortcodes.

Next click New Capture Shortcode.

Automatic testimonial collection - new capture
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Then give the shortcode a name. I have used WPSuperstars Capture.

Give your shortcode a name
  • Save

You can then choose a template for your capture form from a choice of three. I have chosen the Default Capture template.

Choose a template for your capture form
  • Save

A new window will now open showing you what your capture will look like. From here you can edit the form, change colours and even select a different template.

Edit capture form
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When you’re finished, click save and your form will be ready to display on your site wherever you use the shortcode.

Testimonial management

The second main feature of Thrive Ovation is the ability to manage testimonials in all one place. Let’s take a closer look first at the Ovation dashboard, your birds-eye-view of activity.

Dashboard and overview

At first glance, the Thrive Ovation dashboard is simple and appealing. It’s only when you dig a little further that you notice how well organised it all is.

Testimonial management - dashboard overview
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Along the top, you have the dropdowns for displaying and capturing testimonials and the main settings.

Below this, you have an at-a-glance look at the status of your testimonials which are colour-coded.

Gathering testimonials - add new
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This includes:

  • Ready for Display – Will be displayed on using selected display methods
  • Rejected – You or the testimonial author has rejected it for approval
  • Awaiting approval – Waiting or testimonial author to approve publication
  • Untagged – The testimonial has no tags
  • Awaiting review – Waiting for the testimonial to be reviewed
  • No Picture – Testimonials with no image attached

This makes it easier for you to prioritise tasks – especially if you have a lot of testimonials to go through.

Below this section, are the testimonials themselves which can be edited individually.

Edit testimonials individually
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Adding tags

Adding tags is a particularly useful way to organise your testimonial content. Tags can help you sort and filter the content by purpose.

To give you an example, testimonials tagged with ‘price’ may have information related to the price of your product. Also, a tag named ‘easy’ might relate to people who have found your product easy to use.

Tags can be added to any testimonial by clicking Add Tag or via the testimonial editor. We will cover further options about tags in the display section.

Email approval

Seeking approval from customers before publishing their comments is overlooked by many people. From a legal standpoint, it is now more important than ever that you seek consent.

Ovation’s email approval feature makes gaining permission to publish testimonials a breeze. To configure this option, click Settings from your dashboard and select Configure Email.

Configure email
  • Save

This will open the customer approval template where you can write the content of your email. When you’re happy click save.

Customer approval email template
  • Save

The next step is to configure the landing page. People will see this when approving or denying your request.

Click configure landing page. You will see two options for each response. If the content is approved you can send customers to existing content or a custom URL. The same is true for if a testimonial is rejected.

Configure landing page
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Displaying testimonials

Displaying your testimonials is the fun part. Using the professional templates can make them stand out from the rest of your website.

There are two ways of displaying content with Thrive Ovation which I will dive into next.

Displaying static content

Displaying static testimonials is the first display option.

Start by clicking Display Testimonials and selecting either Thrive Architect or WordPress Shortcodes. I have chosen WordPress Shortcodes.

Now click Display Shortcode and give it a name.

The next step is to choose a template. There are over 70 templates to browse through, which is no easy decision if you love great design.

Testimonial display templates
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Click your template of choice and save.

Now you need to choose how you will display the content. For this section, we are building static content so select that option.

How to display your testimonials
  • Save

Next click each testimonial you want to display and click continue. You can then change the order of how they will appear on the page or randomize them.

Change order or randomize
  • Save

After clicking Continue you can either save this group or finish without saving. You are then taken to a page where you can fine-tune things.

Go ahead and fiddle with the colours, settings, what fields are displayed and more. Save changes when you have finished.

The shortcode you created can be inserted anywhere on your site.

Displaying dynamic content

The second option for displaying your testimonials is dynamic content. This uses the tags system to automatically add testimonials with the same tag to the page.

Displaying testimonials this way, means you don’t have to keep editing pages. It’s automated and saves you time.

To make use of dynamic content from your Display Shortcodes page, click on one that you’ve already made to edit.

Now click display setting and select Tags. You will see the following screen.

Testimonial display settings
  • Save

Click which tags you want to include and type in the number of testimonials.

Now when you view the page with your shortcode, you will only see testimonials with those tags.

Thrive Ovation pricing

Thrive Ovation has three pricing options.

  • $39 single licence starter
  • $47 – 5 licence advanced
  • $97 – 15 licence pro

Each one of these options includes lifetime updates and 12 months of support. If you need more support after 12 months, all you have to do is top up.

If you’d rather have more tools to play with you could always sign up to the Thrive Themes membership plan. Membership gives you access to all of their products including Thrive Ovation, Thrive Leads, Thrive Architect, and more. Learn more in our Thrive Themes membership review.

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Thrive Ovation pros & cons


  • Central management system for testimonials all in one place
  • Multiple ways to gather testimonials
  • Effortlessly edit and organise
  • Easily display testimonials anywhere on your website
  • Social media integration with many popular platforms
  • Mobile friendly design
  • 70 professionally designed testimonial templates


  • No testimonial widget. Users will need to display shortcodes in a text/HTML widget to display testimonials in a sidebar

Thrive Ovation Review: Final Thoughts

I’ve used many WordPress testimonial plugins in the past, each claiming to be far better than the last. Thrive Ovation is by far the best one I’ve used.

Everything from getting started to the finer details is user-friendly. This means even novice WordPress users will find it easy to navigate and use.

The bonus of explanation videos for things like social media API setup goes one step further than the competition.

It seems that Thrive really does understand the power of testimonials used to convert visitors into paying customers. And, the Thrive Ovation plugin provides the most intuitive way to do this.

Are you looking for a plugin that not only displays but also captures and manages testimonials? Then you should definitely get the Thrive Ovation plugin. It turns simple client comments into powerful and attractive testimonials. They not only display the value of your product but can get you more leads.

Thanks for checking out this Thrive Ovation Review.

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