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The continued rise of digital media seems to have chimed the death knell for DVDs, CDs, and paperback books. Today, it’s all about online video, MP3s, and eBooks. Sales of digital products continue to rise, and this trend looks unlikely to slow anytime soon.

The digital media boom has seen a significant increase in the number of digital marketplaces – in other words, eCommerce stores selling downloadable products. With no physical stock to hold, barriers to entry are lower, making this one of the most accessible online business models of all.

If you like the sound of running a digital marketplace, read on! Today, I’m going to be reviewing Marketify, a specialist digital marketplace WordPress theme.

Marketify and easy digital downloads

Marketify is one of the only dedicated themes for launching and managing a digital marketplace. Developed by elite author Astoundify, Marketify is available exclusively on ThemeForest – ThemeForest is, ironically, the WordPress world’s biggest digital marketplace.

As you’ll soon discover, the Marketify theme comes loaded with powerful features and functionalities. With this in mind, the $59 price tag represents excellent value.

Now, when it comes to WordPress and digital marketplaces, one name stands head and shoulders above the rest – Easy Digital Downloads (EDD).

Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel and incorporate bespoke digital marketplace functionality, Marketify takes the sensible option. Built in conjunction with several EDD developers, Marketify supports full integration with the tried-and-tested EDD plugin. In my opinion, the theme is all the better for this.

Design and main features

The Marketify theme looks stunning, beautifully blending full-width background images with clean-and-crisp product sections.

Marketify Homepage
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This gives you the best of both worlds. Background images let you show off your creative flair and forge a memorable and positive first impression. It’s all business in the product showcase sections, though, with a minimal design featuring stylish and organized product grids.

These product grids are one of the theme’s most important features – both from a design and usability perspective. The grids are available in multiple sizes, with each item including a thumbnail image, the author name, and an eye-catching hover animation.

Product Grids
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Marketify also boasts several nifty features that mean a visitor never has to leave the homepage. Every item in a product grid can be bought directly, so visitors can skip the checkout process entirely, should they wish. And, in the case of digital music and video, visitors can click a play button to preview the products from the homepage.

If a visitor wants more information, they can click through to the equally-stylish product pages. Product pages are very well-designed, display a striking full-width image at the top of the page, with a more minimalistic description section further down. You can also embed a preview/demo of your products to entice visitors.

Product Pages
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The product pages also display key buyer information – such as date released, file size, file type, total number of purchases, and comments from other buyers. The more informed a visitor feels, the more likely he/she is to convert, so this additional information is a great way to boost sales.

Marketify lets you add other beautiful design features to your website, too. This includes bold-but-simple pricing tables, client logos, and testimonial carousels. Every element supported by Marketify has been very deliberately chosen by the developer, with the underlying aim of helping you to enhance your site’s credibility and make more sales.

Pricing Tables and Testimonials
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Overall, Marketify is a really well-designed theme with lots of features and functionalities – check out the demo to see the many different layouts Marketify supports. And, as you’d expect, Marketify is fully responsive, too.

Getting started

To help get you up and running, Marketify includes a helpful setup panel – accessed by navigating to Appearance > Setup Guide.

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Before you can use the theme, you’ll need to install EDD and some other recommended plugins. By clicking the Install Now button, Marketify will install all recommended plugins automatically, and in a matter of seconds.

Setup Panel
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After this, you’re free to build your website as you please. However, if you’d like further assistance, you can continue working your way through each section of the setup panel. Marketify will tell you which areas need completing to harness the theme’s full potential, and also walk you through each step of the process.

One of the most helpful features for new users is Marketify’s one-click demo installation. Working from a blank website can be tough, and many users find it easier to work backwards from a ready-made demo site. This feature is accessible from the Import Demo Content panel.

If you want further help getting started, Marketify allows you to import dummy widgets and menus, too, giving you a fully working website in just a few minutes.

Building your website

Marketify offers a versatile design experience, allowing you to craft a stylish, custom layout for your homepage. This is achieved via the widgets section of your website – Appearance > Widgets.

Widget Builder
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The theme ships with a number of dedicated widgets, allowing you to add lots of specialist functionalities to your page. Simply drag-and-drop the widgets you want into the Home widget space, and you’re good to go. These dedicated widgets include:

  • Featured & Popular Downloads
  • Slider
  • Feature Callout – adds a bold, full-width announcement to your homepage, complete with a custom color or background.
  • Curated Downloads – display a carefully chosen selection of downloads in a homepage grid.
  • Pricing Tables – build a beautiful pricing table with custom colors and text to help drive conversions.
  • Homepage Features – display your major USPs loud and proud in simple grids with custom icons.

The developers claim that this feature makes page builder plugins redundant when using Marketify. I wouldn’t go that far, as configuring a homepage using widgets is harder than using a dedicated page builder UI – although the WordPress Customizer’s new Widget preview makes life a little easier.

However, most page builder plugins include modules that can only be described as “baggage.” I prefer Marketify’s streamlined approach, as the functionalities supported are highly targeted at digital marketplaces. This means you can only add essential elements, making your website lightweight and focused on the task at hand – selling digital products.

To give you further flexibility over your site’s design, Marketify also includes nine specialist page layouts, including full-width, meet the team, popular items, and shop.

Digital marketplace features

So far we’ve focused on your website’s aesthetics; now I want to look at the practical side of running a digital marketplace. And, as you’d expect from such a laser-focused theme, Marketify has lots of important features to keep your store ticking along nicely.

Products are added to your store as a custom post type – called Downloads.

As well as writing a product name and description as normal, you’ll find a number of meta boxes displayed below the WordPress text editor. These meta boxes all you to configure prices, upload the download file, and specify download limits.

Configure Download
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You can also upload a product image, plus a separate image to appear in product showcases specifically. Due to large file sizes, videos can be hosted elsewhere, and you can create demo pages for any product.

Each product page also generates a Purchase Shortcode. This is an excellent way to embed purchases into blog content in a way that feels organic and not-too-pushy.

Marketify comes with plenty of other useful features, too. For example, you can create an entire taxonomy structure for downloads. This allows you to group similar products together to improve navigation.

There is also a built-in analytics system. Use this to track total downloads, total earnings, and earnings by categories in one handy graph. By navigating to the All Downloads screen, you can view a breakdown of individual product sales and income, too.

And, to help drive more sales, you can also configure discount codes. There are plenty of settings to play with, letting you perfectly tailor your promotions to your needs.

Premium extensions

As we’ve already touched on, Marketify offers quick installation of several free plugins. However, to utilize Marketify’s full capabilities, you’ll need to integrate a number of premium EDD extensions – Marketify integrates tightly with all EDD add-ons.

Easy Digital Downloads Premium Extension
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Marketify was developed to work with any official EDD extensions. Here are some of my favorites (part of a list of recommended extensions from the developer):

  • Frontend Submissions ($83) – turns your website into a fully-fledged marketplace. Digital vendors can upload their products via your site’s front-end, then sell to your visitors.
  • Commissions ($39) – you probably want a slice of those other vendors’ profits, right? Commissions lets you configure a revenue share between multiple users.
  • Recommended Products ($49) – allows you to cross-sell a handpicked selection of downloads, displayed on product pages and the checkout screen.
  • Wish Lists ($49) – gives visitors the opportunity to save products they like for future purchase.
  • Reviews ($32) – visitors can leave feedback on your digital downloads. You can choose to moderate each review before it appears on your website, too.

If you want to save money, EDD has packaged together a number of useful extensions as a job lot – the $199 Marketplace Bundle. The bundle includes the aforementioned five extensions, plus Social Login, Points and Rewards, and Acquisition Survey. The full price of buying each extension individually is $369, saving you a tidy $170.

The verdict

Overall, Marketify is an excellent WordPress theme. It boasts a beautiful design, it’s easy to use, and it ships with some extremely useful features – what more could you ask for?

The design quality, in particular, is one of the theme’s major selling points. I’m a huge fan of the clean and minimal product sections, and the page builder functionality lets you craft custom layouts with stunning background images.

In terms of functionalities, the theme is hard to beat, too. Marketify leaves most of the heavy lifting to the exceptional Easy Digital Downloads plugin, instead guaranteeing seamless integration. This ensures your digital marketplace ticks over with minimal fuss.

However, Marketify does bring some of its own functionality to the table, too. For a start, there’s the previously mentioned page builder, which comes with testimonials, pricing tables, and logos. The theme also produces beautiful product pages, with tailored page templates for author profiles, audio, and video products.

If you’re looking to build a digital marketplace, Marketify won’t steer you far wrong. Check out the demo for yourself, then take the plunge – it’s well worth the $59!

Click here to find out more about Marketify


  • A beautiful, purpose-built design for digital marketplaces
  • Super-easy setup, with one-click installation for all required plugins, dummy content, and dummy widgets
  • Powerful functionality provided by Easy Digital Downloads
  • Simple homepage builder functionality, with a number of relevant modules


  • Homepage is built using widgets rather than dedicated page builder UI
  • To turn your site into a fully-fledged marketplace, you need to fork out for premium EDD extensions

Marketify Theme

Summary: Marketify is the ultimate theme for building a successful digital marketplace. The theme boasts a stunning design, tailored to the unique demands of digital marketplaces, plus tight integration with the market-leading Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

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Posted by Shaun Quarton

Shaun Quarton is a freelance blogger from the UK, with a passion for online entrepreneurship, content marketing, and all things WordPress.