How do I get more traffic to my site? Is there an easy way to increase my email list size? Those are the questions that weigh on every blogger’s mind. Whether you blog for business or pleasure, there is no denying that we all want more eyeballs on our content and more loyal fans on our list.

There are plenty of ways to achieve any of the above goals, however, one of the easiest methods is to simply run a giveaway on your site. It’s a great incentive for people to come back to your site, not to mention it’s also a fun way to engage your audience.

While there are several WordPress plugins that can help you organize and run a giveaway, some of them are quite limited in options. Luckily, there are a few tools online that will do the same that offer a lot more features.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss the benefits of running giveaways and compare 3 tools that will help you get your giveaway up and running fast.

Why you should run a giveaway on your site

As we mentioned before, running a giveaway provides incentive for your readers to come back and engage with your site. Here are a few reasons why you should organize giveaways and run them on your site.

1. Increase the number of your followers

Most online contests and giveaways are built around social interaction. In some cases, you have to follow the person who organized the giveaway and in some cases, you have to share the giveaway entry. Sometimes, the contest may be setup in such a way that the participants have to both follow you and share the link about the giveaway.

Whichever method you choose, anyone who joins your giveaway is more inclined to join you to stay up to date with the giveaway results and to find out when the next giveaway is happening. In either case, once they start sharing the link about your giveaway, other people who are interested in your product or service might join the giveaway which in turn increases the number of your followers across social media.

2. Build your email list

In a similar fashion, you can increase the number of email subscribers either by asking them to join your list to enter the giveaway or by syncing all the entries with your email list provider.

In most cases, notifying the participants about the giveaway results is usually done via email so you are bound to see an increase in your subscribers.

3. More leads

Directly tied to the points above, increasing the number of your followers and email subscribers means you will increase the number of leads you get for your products and services.

Since they entered the giveaway related to your offer, it’s easier to market the rest of your products and services. All you have to do is focus on providing value and cultivating a relationship before sending them a targeted offer.

Keep in mind that if your prize is something your target audience is interested in, those who didn’t win might just go ahead and hand over their cash to buy the item that was offered during the giveaway.

4. Get better engagement on your site

Your giveaway will span across several days or perhaps even weeks. During that time, you can encourage users to come back to your site to gain more entries by sharing the giveaway page on social media.

Since giveaways play to our side that loves free things, most participants will repeatedly revisit the giveaway page. Pair that with a well-organized sidebar or place links to content that’s similar to the prize below the giveaway widget, chances are they will go and check out the rest of your content.

5. Low cost

Finally, depending on the prize you offer, a giveaway is a low-cost method of promoting your site. If you’ve ever tried Facebook Ads or Google AdWords to promote your website, you know that the cost of ads can quickly add up.

But if you give away a product that you’re already selling or if you offer one of your services, you don’t have to spend money to buy it nor do you have to worry about ad cost.

In fact, the tools covered below that can help you organize and run your giveaway offer a free plan so you can try out their features before having to upgrade to a paid plan.

3 tools that will help you run a giveaway

Now that we’ve covered why giveaways are beneficial and how they can help you increase the size of your audience and your website engagement, let’s go over the giveaway tools.

1. Gleam

The first tool on our list allows you to run giveaways in the form of competitions and rewards.

Gleam Competitions allows you create a giveaway on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and many other platforms. You can combine an unlimited number of actions that users have to complete in ordered to be entered into the giveaway.

They offer a beautiful responsive widget that you can embed on your site and they integrate with a number of popular third-party social media and email services with more integrations added every month.

You can run photo and video contests thanks to the ability to accept media into your campaign and display it as a gallery on your site.

Other features of the Competition apps include:

  • Verified actions
  • Built-in viral sharing
  • Fraud protection
  • And more…

Gleam Competitions
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Gleam Rewards works in a similar fashion, however, you can use this feature to give your customers a coupon or a discount for engaging with your brand. The more actions they complete, the higher chances they have for unlocking the code.

You can embed the widget anywhere and integrate Gleam Rewards easily with your website, shopping cart, and any other platform.

The benefit of Gleam Rewards is the ability to collect social data about your customers so you can present them with a more targeted offer later on.

Some types of rewards that you can offer include:

  • Discount on a particular product or product category, service, and more
  • Download so they can get access to your new video, app, e-book, report…
  • Link to anywhere on the Internet
  • Redirect to any other page or site after they redeem the reward

Gleam Rewards
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Gleam offers 3 plans, depending on your needs.

Their free plan includes features such as:

  • Unlimited campaigns (contests, rewards, giveaways)
  • Verified entries and winner data
  • Automated fraud detection
  • All entry options except email
  • Real time analytics

Their Pro plan is available for $39/month and includes:

  • All of the features from their free plan
  • The ability to collect social data
  • Pick winners manually or daily,
  • Integration with all email providers
  • .csv export
  • And more…

The most expensive plan is available for $149/month and comes with all the features from the previous two plans plus:

  • No Gleam branding
  • Complete HTML and CSS control over the Gleam widget
  • Custom Facebook branding
  • Auto popup campaigns
  • Page overlay installation
  • File uploads
  • #hashtag photo imports
  • And more.

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2. Woorise

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The Woorise app offers customizable templates that allow you to run your contests and giveaways on your website, Facebook page, blog, and more.

The app and widgets are completely mobile friendly so you can target your contest to include the visitors on mobile devices.

With their drag and drop builder you can create any type of form for your giveaway, from simple forms asking for name and email to more complex ones that include checkboxes, date fields, dropdowns, and more.

Woorise integrates with the most popular social media networks and email platforms with more added on a regular basis.

Woorise offers four different plans with a 14-day free trial.

Basic plan for $29/month offers the ability to run unlimited campaigns, collect 2,000 leads, and embed your giveaway on one site.

The Grow plan for $49/month allows for unlimited campaigns, 5,000 leads, embedding the giveaway on one site, and third-party integrations.

The Pro plan for $99/month bumps up the number of leads to 10,000 and the number of websites to 3. You can run unlimited campaigns, third-party integrations, and removes Woorise branding.

Finally, the Agency plan for $199/month allows you to run the giveaway on 10 sites, removes Woorise branding, third-party integrations, the ability to gather 100,000 leads, and run unlimited campaigns.

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3. Rafflecopter

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The last tool on our list, Rafflecopter, offers 1-click integration with all major social media platforms, multiple entry options, and simple copy/paste to embed the widget on your site.

Like the other two apps, it automatically integrates with the most popular email services and allows participants to refer their friends for additional entries.

Their advanced theming engine makes it possible to tweak and customize every aspect of your widget and create movie poster effects with typography.

You can also export your entries in a .csv format or manage them interactively on Rafflecopter’s website.

Rafflecopter offers four different plans.

The free plan includes unlimited giveaways and features such as:

  • Unlimited entries
  • Instant random winners
  • Interactive entries table
  • 1-click Facebook page tab
  • Facebook flash app
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Facebook and Twitter entry options
  • Free-form entry options
  • Standard form design

The Basic  plan, for $13/month includes all the options from the free plan plus:

  • Pinterest entry options
  • Poll / survey entry options
  • Terms & conditions template
  • Standard entry form design
  • Design your own entry form
  • Add prize images
  • 1 custom theme

The Grow plan for $43/month comes with all of the above features as well as the ability to integrate your giveaway directly with email list providers.

The last plan, called Premium, for $84/month combines all the features from previous three plans and adds the following features:

  • Viral refer-a-friend option
  • Real-time analytics suite
  • Remove Rafflecopter’s branding
  • Premium support

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Which tool should you choose?

Which tool you choose depends on your specific needs and available budget. While all three tools offer roughly the same features, each of them brings something unique to the table. Let’s quickly cover the pros and cons of each tool mentioned above.

Gleam app pros and cons

The Gleam app stands out with the ability to gather social data and insights into your participants. Another useful feature is the ability to offer coupons and rewards to your customers on top of running a giveaway.

Some of the pros include:

  • Automated fraud detection
  • Built-in viral sharing
  • Verified entries
  • The ability to run photo and video contests

The downsides of Gleam app include:

  • Email integration available on the paid plans
  • Facebook tab branding available on the most expensive plan
  • Page overlays and other more advanced customization options are available on the most expensive plan

All things considered, Gleam definitely offers a ton of features. Complete customization is available only on their most expensive plan and you have to be familiar with HTML and CSS if you want to use.

Woorise pros and cons

The Woorise app offers less features than Gleam, however, those features are still enough to run a giveaway.

Some of the pros include:

  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Integrated analytics
  • The ability to export your data
  • 1-click pick winners

When it comes to the cons, the biggest downside of Woorise is the fact that there is no free plan, however, they do offer a free trial on all their plans.

Rafflecopter pros and cons

Rafflecopter is probably the most famous tool out of the three. The pros include:

  • 1-click integration option with most social media and email list services
  • Viral refer a friend option
  • Advanced theming engine
  • The ability to add prize images
  • Most affordable out of the three

On the con side, downsides include:

  • Analytics are available on the most expensive plan
  • No support for low-tier plans

When you compare the three tools, it’s easy to see that Gleam and Rafflecopter offer significantly more features than Woorise. Rafflecopter also offers attractive pricing model and perhaps, the most features on the free plan. It’s a great choice for beginners because of the ease of use as well as small businesses on a tight budget.

If you’re looking for a way to offer your customers coupons and discounts, then the Gleam app is a great choice. While slightly more expensive than Rafflecopter, it offers a nice featureset along with the ability to run photo and video contests and prevent fraud.

Finally, Woorise is a great choice for established businesses who want the ease of use paired with tons of customization options and the ability to see analytics during and after their giveaway.

Important note: At the time of publication, we’re getting closer to when GDPR will be enforced. This will be a big consideration for exactly how a giveaway would be implemented.

For example, if you’re collecting email addresses – add an optional tick box (not a pre-selected one) so participants can choose to get updates from you. This is a large topic by itself, and we’re not lawyers so it’s worth consulting an expert in that field. That said, this post from Kinsta is a good starting point.

Increase your website traffic and engagement with a giveaway

Finally, it’s worth considering what you can do to encourage more people to participate in your giveaway. For example, you may have plenty of traffic landing on your giveaway page, but a low amount may participate.

To solve this, you could try testing different prizes or even create a dedicated landing page that removes distractions and keeps the focus on your giveaway.

Ultimately, giveaways are a great method of reaching and engaging your target audience as well as acquiring a number of new leads in the process. Explore the features of the tools mentioned in this article and use your favorite tool to organize and run a successful giveaway on your site.

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Posted by Brenda Barron

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