Best FAQ Plugins For WordPress Websites
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9 Best FAQ Plugins For WordPress Websites

If you run a website, you probably receive emails from your visitors – maybe a lot of emails. They could be from customers, potential customers or even your blog commenters.

At the end of the day – if you hope to have any lasting success in business – it’s your responsibility to reply to these emails.

After a while, though, you may notice that many of these emails contain similar questions, and responding to them takes up valuable time that could instead be used for growing your blog or business. And while you can hire a VA or staff member to email these people individually to answer their questions, a more profitable and time-saving way is to have a frequently asked questions or FAQ list on your page.

People are time poor and don’t always want to read through dozens of generic questions and answers, or even search your WordPress website only to find an old, boilerplate FAQ page.

Instead, you can use a simple plugin that integrates directly into individual pages – your sales page, for example – to help sell your product or service by answering topical questions and alleviating people’s concerns on the spot.

For example, Rachael Roehmholdt from The Quiet Sage has a course for stay-at-home moms called The Leveraged Income Biz Program.

Rachael does a fantastic job walking the reader through her story. She speaks to the reader and offers a better life for a stay-at-home mom. She goes on to talk about the features and benefits of the program.

And after she explains what you’ll get, she has a FAQ list just in case a reader has more questions.

faq quiet sage
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If you’re finding that potential customers aren’t pulling the trigger and buying what you have to offer, why not consider using an FAQ plugin on your sales or product pages to encourage more sales?

Here are the best FAQ plugins (both free and paid) for your WordPress site.

1. Heroic FAQs

Heroic FAQs
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The Heroic FAQs plugin was created with ease-of-use in mind, and it sure doesn’t hurt that the backend interface is gorgeous and well designed.

From convenient drag-and-drop ordering to being able to edit all your FAQs on one page – no more clicking back and forth – Heroic FAQs has taken many of the plusses from other FAQ plugins and incorporated them into their newest offering while avoiding many of the negatives.

There’s no coding knowledge required, and you can use the FAQ editor to make your FAQs look just the way you want them. This means the option to include lists, images, and even videos to improve the user experience can hopefully save on those time-consuming pre-sales and support tickets.

Unlike some FAQ plugins that force you into using the developer’s styles and make changing the look difficult with coding, Heroic FAQs blends itself into your existing theme, while at the same time being very developer friendly and allowing advanced customization if desired.

It’s mobile-responsive and includes five functional and attractive pre-defined FAQ styles, multiple icon choices, premium support, and animations – including allowing either a toggle or the popular accordion-style expansion.

Pricing ranges from $49/year for one site up to $149/year for a 10-site license – with all options including updates and support for the year.

Price: $49/year and up

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2. HTML5 Responsive FAQ

html5 responsive faq
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Many FAQ plugins are responsive but if you don’t want to take any chances, HTML5 Responsive FAQ is guaranteed to be fully responsive and compatible with any responsive theme.

Questions and answers can be grouped into categories, each with a custom title. It’s easy to change the design, colors, and fonts with this plugin so you can easily integrate the look of your FAQs with the rest of your site.

HTML5 Responsive FAQ supports Visual Composer and many other content builder plugins. It’s easy to use and you can add it to any post, page or widget by using the supplied shortcode.

Price: Free

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3. Ultimate FAQ

ultimate faq
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Like most FAQ plugins, Ultimate FAQ allows you to create unlimited FAQs and FAQ categories on your site.

You can display them with a variety of styling options on any page, WooCommerce product, or even in your sidebar.

Armed with several unique features, Ultimate FAQ comes with a handy stats dashboard giving you a summary of your FAQ views, while a search form lets users easily search through your questions and answers. The plugin can export your questions and answers to a PDF (to create a user manual, for example) and can also be used with any content that would benefit from an expandable section like recipes or job listings.

For $30, a premium upgrade adds more styling and customization options, user submitted FAQs (with optional proposed answers), easy drag-and-drop ordering, and more.

Price: Free or $30

Get Ultimate FAQ Free Get Ultimate FAQ Pro

4. Arconix FAQ

arconix faq
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If you’re looking for an easy to use WordPress FAQ plugin that does one thing well – without a lot of bells and whistles you may not need – Arconix FAQ is an excellent choice.

FAQs can be added nearly anywhere on your site by inserting a simple shortcode into your content or a widget.

Arconix displays your questions and answers with either a toggle or animation and you can include FAQs individually or “group” them into FAQ sections within the WordPress editor during creation.

Price: Free

Get Arconix FAQ

5. WP responsive FAQ with category

wp responsive faq
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The free version of WP responsive FAQ with category comes with the usual functionality like unlimited FAQs, FAQ categories, animations – and it’s easy to incorporate into your site by using the plugin’s shortcode.

The plugin features search engine friendly URLs, allows for translation, supports a thumbnail image for each FAQ and allows developers total customization through a CSS and JS file.

Each FAQ section can have a custom animation speed set in the shortcode parameters – and you can also choose to limit the number of questions and answered displayed.

A pro version is available for $9 and includes advanced functionality like Visual Composer support, WooCommerce product FAQ support, drag-and-drop reordering, additional designs, animations, and colors – and extra options available when using shortcodes.

Price: Free or $9

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6. FAQPlus

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FAQPlus is an advanced FAQ plugin featuring unlimited FAQs, unlimited colors, 25+ animation effects, easy drag-and-drop ordering, Font Awesome support, and more.

FAQs can be added to any WordPress post, page or widget by inserting the provided shortcode. If you use Visual Composer on your website, then FAQPlus is compatible and for the tech-savvy, the FAQs can be styled with custom CSS.

FAQPlus is available from CodeCanyon for $19 and includes future updates and 6 months of support from the developer.

Price: $19

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7. Fancy FAQ

fancy faq
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Fancy FAQ is an easy to use FAQ plugin that lets you quickly add a FAQ section to any page, post or widget by using the supplied shortcode – all with a responsive layout.

The shortcode allows for additional customization options such as choosing the category, sort order, and/or limiting the number of FAQs displayed.

You can pick from an accordion or toggle animation to display your answers, and like many FAQ plugins, you can add images or videos to your answers directly from the WordPress editor.

There is a Settings page where you can change some colors and styles, but there aren’t a lot of easily editable design options included with the plugin.

For $18 at CodeCanyon, you’ll receive future updates and support for six months from the plugin developer.

Price: $18

Get Fancy FAQ

8. Accordion FAQ

accordian faq
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For an affordable FAQ plugin that covers all the basics, Accordion FAQ can be purchased at CodeCanyon for $16 – and it comes with future updates.

This plugin features the popular accordion style FAQ display, where answers are hidden by default and expand or contract when the visitor clicks an icon beside the question. You’ll find the basics like unlimited FAQ pages and shortcode support, but also a list-style FAQ option – and the plugin comes with template support and drag-and-drop reordering.

Accordion FAQ is also well documented and translation ready.

Price: $16

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9. WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager

woocommerce product faq manager
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Many FAQ plugins work on WooCommerce product pages, but WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager is a plugin specifically created for this purpose.

In fact, you must have WooCommerce running on your site before you can use this plugin.

WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager touts itself as “zero configuration, just plug and play” so you should have no trouble getting things working. You can create an unlimited number of FAQs for products (with images and/or videos included in the answers) and the Global FAQs function is handy for questions and answers that apply to all products such as those on refund policy, contact information or shipping concerns.

A live FAQ search allows the visitor to type a keyword in the search box, and that keyword then appears highlighted in all questions and answers. Among the other features are an options panel, predefined themes and a theme builder, responsive layout, translation ready, and more.

All in all, if you’re running WooCommerce, this is a featured-rich plugin available at an affordable $20.

Price: $20

Get WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager

Wrapping it up

A product or sales page is really the perfect place for an FAQ section.

Potential buyers may have pre-purchase questions and if they can find an answer immediately, rather than having to contact support and wait for a reply, you’ve got an excellent chance at making the sale right away.

And with these WordPress FAQ plugins, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from for your brand and business.

Whether you need a no-frills FAQ list like you get with the Arconix FAQ plugin, or a sleek, accordion-style FAQ list like Fancy FAQ offers – or you want to fully customize the look of your FAQ plugin like you can with Ultimate FAQ, rest assured that potential customers will benefit from an FAQ section on your pages.

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