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Save 25% on MaxCDN and speed up your site. Your visitors will love you for it.
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MaxCDN Discount

Want to make your site load mind-bendingly fast? Of course you do!

A good CDN, or content delivery network, is one of the best things you can do for your site’s page speed. And given that page speed can affect everything from search rankings, to user experience, to conversion rates, it’s one of those special metrics that can actually put more money in your pocket.

So, if you want a better website that makes more money (all for an affordable cost), keep reading to learn more about MaxCDN and how you can save 25% on MaxCDN’s services.

More about MaxCDN

As far as CDN services go, MaxCDN is one of the best options out there. That’s why we use it to power WP Superstars.

MaxCDN offers servers in 18 different cities on four different continents.

Why is this so important? Because CDNs work by loading your site’s files from the web server which is closest to your visitor. With so many locations, MaxCDN ensures they always have a server near your visitors to deliver your content blazingly fast.

MaxCDN is trusted to boost site speed by major websites like Nissan, WPEngine, and StumbleUpon. But don’t worry if you’re not as big as Nissan, MaxCDN will still work great for your site.

Here’s a full list of features you can expect with MaxCDN:

  • Speed Boosts – MaxCDN serves up your content from the nearest of their 18 different server locations
  • Great Security – two-factor authentication and secure tokens ensure your account stays safe
  • Content Rules – EdgeRules let you control how all your content behaves
  • Server Protection – OriginShield protects your main server from getting overloaded with requests
  • SSL Support – MaxCDN makes it incredibly easy to set up SSL and secure your site
  • Full Control Panel with Analytics – you can easily control your site and view analytics in your control panel
  • Easy Integration with WordPress Caching Plugins – most WordPress caching plugins make it easy to integrate with MaxCDN
  • 24/7/365 Live Support – if you ever need help, MaxCDN is always there

And with our discount, you can get all these benefits for as little as $6.75.

MaxCDN pricing – affordable for all levels

MaxCDN offers pricing options to fit the needs of both big and small sites:

  • Entrepreneur Plans – start at $9 per month ($6.75 with our discount) for up to 100GB of data transfer and two websites. Entrepreneur plans range up to 1TB bandwidth for five websites.
  • Professional Plans – start at $299 per month ($224.25 with our discount) for up to 5TB of bandwidth for seven websites. Professional plans range up to $1,199 per month for 25TB and 25 websites.
  • Custom Plans – if you need even more bandwidth, MaxCDN can create a custom plan just for you.

All their plans also allow overage bandwidth at an affordable rate.

Try MaxCDN today with a 25% discount

If you’re ready to speed up your website and reap the benefits of better:

  • User experience
  • Search rankings
  • Conversion rates

Sign up for MaxCDN’s services today and enjoy your 25% discount by using this link:

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