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LinkPatrol Discount

Here’s an important fact you need to know about SEO:

The outbound links on your pages have a very real affect on where your website ranks. Just like inbound and internal links, they’re an essential part of your SEO strategy.

But when you start accumulating piles of posts and pages, it can quickly become overwhelming to try to manage all your links manually.

That’s where a plugin like LinkPatrol comes. It helps you automatically find problematic links and anchor texts so that you can clean up your outbound link profile without investing time painstakingly looking at each link manually.

And to sweeten the deal even more, you’ll get 15% off your purchase of LinkPatrol when you use our exclusive coupon.

How LinkPatrol helps your site rank better

LinkPatrol comes from the folks at Search Engine Journal, so you better believe they know a thing or two about SEO.

The plugin analyzes all of your outbound links to help you:

  • Eliminate spammy links – Whether it’s a comment that slipped through your spam filter or an unscrupulous guest poster, LinkPatrol will catch any and all spammy outbound links so you can remove them and keep Google happy.
  • Find and change bad anchor text – Outbound anchor text has become especially important with some of the more recent Google algorithm updates. LinkPatrol will monitor all your outbound link anchors to ensure they follow best practices.
  • Get constant monitoring – LinkPatrol keeps working long after your first scan. It will monitor all your new outbound links to keep your site ranking well.

Here are all the features you can expect with LinkPatrol:

  • Quick Glance Dashboard – see a quick view of the overall outbound health of your site.
  • Filter Options – find links by domain, author, or keywords
  • Internal to External Link Ratio – quickly view how your internal and external link profiles compare/.
  • Remove or nofollow links from bulk or individual posts/pages – strip links from posts/pages or just add a nofollow tag.
  • Remove or no follow links from bulk or individual comments – strip links from comments or just add a nofollow tag.
  • Monitor links and keywords – automatically monitor all new links and keywords
  • Easy Undo Button to Restore Links – if you ever make a mistake or change your mind, you can quickly fix things with an easy “undo” button
  • .CSV Data Export – export all your data to .CSV for offline use.

LinkPatrol is easy to use

When you first install the LinkPatrol plugin on your WordPress site, you’ll be asked to run an initial scan. This scan will go through all your existing content and give you a clear picture of your current link profile.

Once you have a picture of your links, you can take action based on LinkPatrol’s suggestions.

LinkPatrol will also continue to monitor your site for new outbound links to analyze.

So, if you’re ready to get serious about managing your outbound link profile and ranking higher in Google, use our exclusive 15% coupon to save on your purchase at LinkPatrol.

Affordable pricing – even better with a coupon!

LinkPatrol’s pricing depends on how many websites you plan to use LinkPatrol for.

But here’s the really cool part – all the prices are one-time fees. Once you pay, you get to enjoy LinkPatrol’s benefits forever for no additional money.

Here are all the pricing options:

  • Blogger$50 ($42.5 with our coupon): One site + one year of support/updates
  • Consultant – $100 ($85 with our coupon): Five sites + one year of support/updates
  • Agency $200 ($170 with our coupon): Twenty sites + one year of support/updates

Start cleaning up your outbound link profile! Sign up at Link Patrol today.

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