Note: we are not accepting new contributors so please do not send us any pitches. We are leaving this page in place just in case we start accepting contributors again. That said, we probably won’t.

So you want to write for WP Superstars?

Below you will find all you need to know.

Please ensure that you have read this page before contacting us, otherwise it makes you look silly and will hurt your chances of your pitch being accepted.

What topics are we looking for?

We only cover WordPress related content which includes:

  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • Tutorials
  • Tips and tricks
  • Web hosting
  • News (not that often)

We may consider publishing other content that is relevant to our audience, such as blogging tips.

Guidelines for contributors

We have a specific style guide for certain post types below, but aside from the styling we have some specific guidelines that you need to follow:

  • 1,300 + words
  • Well written and engaging
  • 100% unique and not published elsewhere (and it should not be published elsewhere after we publish it – if you do, we’ll remove it)
  • Check facts for accuracy
  • Include relevant images (optimized for web, width should be within 550 pixels)
  • You must agree to promote your article once published, we will promote the post so it’s only fair you do too
  • All posts will be reviewed, if it doesn’t pass our quality guidelines then it won’t be published
  • If you’re writing just for the SEO benefit, stop here and exit the page

Style guide

  • All posts should be submitted in a Microsoft Word document with images attached separately in a .zip file.
  • Main headings should be set as ‘Heading 2’ style and sub headings should be ‘Heading 3’ style.
  • Images should be optimized for web and width should be no more than 550 pixels.
  • There should be a featured images for the post: 750×300 pixels ideally or up to 750×420 pixels.Relevant internal and external links must be added.

How does the contribution process work?

Contact us to let us know you are interested in contributing, include all of the details noted in the section below and pitch us on some topic ideas.

Rough titles with outlines on your post will be appreciated.

What details will I need to include?

When you contact us, please include the following:

  • What your background is
  • Why you are a good fit for WP Superstars
  • Initial title ideas
  • Author bio
  • Link to your blog
  • Links to social profiles (including G+ profile, no contributors will be accepted without this)
  • Links to samples of your work (2+ and must be from sites you have contributed to before, not links to your blog)
  • The company you represent

Important note about contributing

By submitting an article to us this constitutes an agreement that you will be providing us with an article that is completely unique and not copied from elsewhere on the web. In certain circumstances we may use your content for marketing purposes but you will receive full credit.

It also constitutes an agreement that you will not republish your post anywhere else on the web. Note, curating articles is fine although republishing them in their entirety is not.

We reserve the right to remove any author (along with all of their content) that we find doing this.

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