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We have come to the difficult decision of removing comments. The amount of time we spend moderating manual spam & self-promotional comments has dramatically increased. In an effort to serve you better, we have removed comments so we can focus our time on creating more helpful tutorials and articles.


Below is our comments policy which governs how we approach approval of comments on have created this policy to clarify the criteria which we use in our approval process.On the web, blog comments can facilitate great discussions and have proven great ways to build relationships with others.
But, a lot of blog comments are submitted with the wrong intent.Some are submitted for the purpose of gaining backlinks (yes, this was a thing). Others use comments to hurt their competitors, others use them as a platform for their rants or to ask for support when a specific tool has been mentioned (these tools have help desks which should be used).Others are just pure spam.All of these types of comments (and some others) are distasteful, cost us time in moderating them and cause the web to be a far messier place.Our commenting system uses an algorithm to identify spam; unfortunately some real comments do slip through. But in general it works well.We do reserve the right to approve comments on an individual basis as these guidelines are only well, guidelines. They can’t account for every possible situation.

Here are the typical types of comments that we will NOT approve:

  • Spam or automated comments
  • Any comments with affiliate links
  • Comments with the intent of getting backlinks
  • Comments with negative intent
  • Self-promotional comments where people promote their own products
  • Abusive or hateful comments
  • Comments that quickly degrade into rants (yes, you can be critical, but you must be constructive with your comments)
  • Comments with the intent of damaging the reputation of competitors
  • Comments which don’t use your real name or real email address
  • Thin comments with little value (e.g. “great post)
  • Comments submitted that clearly highlight that the post has not been read

While we make our best efforts to stop comments of these types being published, some will inevitably slip through.We’ve put together these guidelines to protect our community and provide a positive environment for readers to comment.
We reserve the right to update this page without notice.

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