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Divi 3.0 Theme Review

The Divi Theme By Elegant Themes: Redefining The Visual Editing Experience

In mid-2015 I became increasingly interested in using Divi as a starting point to launch several websites. I have always been (and still am) a Genesis fan but Divi offered some clear advantages when it came to ease of use...

/ October 4, 2016
Most Popular WordPress Themes

20 Most Popular WordPress Themes Of All Time

Over the last decade or so, WordPress has grown in a huge way, and with it the variety of WordPress themes in the market. Nowadays. You can get a WordPress theme almost everywhere you look, be it theme marketplaces, independent...

/ July 14, 2016
X Theme For WordPress

X Theme Review: A Simple, Flexible And Multipurpose WordPress Theme

There are two possibilities when it comes to choosing a WordPress Theme for your business or blog. The first is that you stick with a theme specialized to your niche. If you’re in the restaurant business, buy a theme made...

/ June 14, 2016
Remarkable WordPress Themes For Serious Bloggers

12 Remarkable WordPress Themes For Serious Bloggers

First impressions count! How many times have you heard that saying? But nothing could be more right with your blog theme. Once you’ve chosen your niche and domain, you need a theme that is going to catch the eye of your...

/ June 1, 2016
Marketify Review

Marketify Review – Create Your Own Digital Marketplace With WordPress

The continued rise of digital media seems to have chimed the death knell for DVDs, CDs, and paperback books. Today, it’s all about online video, MP3s, and eBooks. Sales of digital products continue to rise, and this trend looks unlikely...

/ April 11, 2016
Workscout theme review

WorkScout Review: A Functional And Stylish Job Board Theme For WordPress

If you’ve ever given thought to setting up a job board using WordPress, you’ve probably spent some time browsing through ThemeForest. No doubt one of the options you came across was WorkScout from Purethemes. Purethemes has a number of great...

/ April 5, 2016
Jobify Review

Jobify Review – One Of The Best Job Board Themes For WordPress

Online job boards are everywhere these days – think of any industry or career path and I’ll show you at least one dedicated job board. It’s unsurprising, too; the internet attracts large pools of talented applicants, so employers are sensibly...

/ March 29, 2016
Extra Theme Review

Extra Theme Review – A Powerful Magazine Theme For WordPress

Most people would have thought that the team at Elegant Themes had their hands full with three back-to-back versions of Divi. Throw in the new Divi Builder and I’m left scratching my head trying to figure out how they ever...

/ January 26, 2016
How To Add Google Fonts To Your WordPress Theme

How To Add Google Fonts To Your WordPress Theme

One of the simplest changes you can make to your blog is to change the default fonts that come with your theme. Choosing the right font combination can make your blog go from dull and boring to fabulous looking in...

/ March 20, 2015
Specular Review

Specular Review: A Multipurpose WordPress Theme For Any Occasion

If you are looking for a WordPress theme that is versatile and can fit any purpose, then look no further than Specular – a multipurpose theme for any occasion. With numerous customization options, online template builder and the ability to...

/ January 12, 2015