Advertising Opportunities

Important note: we currently only offer banner advertising (click here for full details). We may start offering sponsored content again, if you’d like to know when/if this will happen – drop us an email and we’ll add you to our notification list.


If you are trying to get visibility for product or service, providing it’s related to WordPress or web hosting then you are definitely in the right place.

You are definitely in the right place.

We are a professional WordPress resource site that covers everything WordPress and hosting related.

This includes themes, plugins, tips and tutorials.

Sponsored reviews

These involve taking a look at everything your product/service does – it will require that we have a copy of your product or try the service in order to evaluate it.

Our reviews are unbiased so don’t expect us to hide any negative aspects we find – that doesn’t help to earn trust with anyone’s audience. That said, when we find something awesome we’ll let everyone know about that too.

This is a great way to help our visitors get an in-depth look and these typically convert quite well.

Note: this will be labelled as a sponsored review and the link to your site will have the ‘rel=nofollow’ tag applied to keep Google happy.

All sponsored reviews will be promoted to our readers the same as any other post.

Price: $TBC

Sponsored posts

These are very similar to sponsored reviews.

The main difference is that we will write a different type of post to help get the word out about your product.

This could be in the form of a how-to or tutorial.

Price: $TBC

Sponsored contest

If you have some copies of your product or accounts for your service available to use as prizes in a giveaway then this can be a great way to get visibility and also build your social following.

We typically use widgets that will allow you to build your following on Twitter and Facebook for example – this has worked VERY successfully for a lot of brands when they first launched and many of them continue with this tactic today.

All contests will be promoted to our readers the same as any other post.

Price: $TBC

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Important information


Advertising is about more than clicks and impressions so we cannot guarantee any number of sales, clicks or impressions.

Traffic fluctuates but a big part of this is how well your offer converts. If it’s a sponsored review then it usually comes down to how good your product is, how much value it ads and how many of our readers it is relevant to.

If it’s a banner ad then typically it comes down to how compelling your banner ad is.

We also reserve the right to refuse to work with anyone.

Our approach to reviews

By engaging us to review your product, you will receive a review that is straight to the point and honest. If your product isn’t very good, that’s what our review will convey. On the other hand, if your product is great, we’ll tell the world.

Initially we’ll discuss your options then mutually agree to move ahead. It’s important that we’re a good fit for each other.

Once payment has been made via PayPal, we will begin writing up the agreed post and reviewing your product. Once completed, the review will be scheduled for publishing at the earliest possible date.

We typically run on a 3-4 week lead time which may vary slightly depending on our current work load and editorial schedule.

We cannot provide you with the opportunity to review posts before going live as we provide sponsored posts on an “as is” basis. This ensures any potential bias is removed.


Payments should be paid up-front and via PayPal.


We take the uptime of our website seriously and take measures to ensure service isn’t interrupted.

We cannot offer refunds in any form once payment has been completed although if you are unhappy with a service we would definitely like to know so we can try to resolve the issue.

Updates to this page

The entire contents of this page are subject to change and as the sites popularity grows, so will the costs but in turn, the benefit you will receive will increase too.