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Publishing reviews on your blog is a great way of earning money from your blog.

Whether you are publishing sponsored reviews or monetizing them with affiliate links – they work great.

The main problem is that most WordPress themes don’t come with a solution to help your reviews stand out (and they have no focus on conversions).

The other problem is that most of them aren’t designed with search engines in mind (i.e. rich snippets and schema).

In this review I will show you a plugin called WP Rich Snippets. A plugin that solves both of those problems, but the question is – is it worth investing?

What does WP Rich Snippets actually do?

WP Rich Snippets fulfils several important functions.

What your readers will see

First of all, you are able to add a box above your blog posts that contains all of the details for your review.

This includes ratings, price information, criteria, links, product information and a description.

You can also include a physical address and opening hours if needed.

The most important thing is the call to action; you can pick from a number of different colours and customize the button text.

Here is an example:

An Example Of WP Rich Snippets

This is striking, its eye catching and it does a great job of grabbing people’s attention.

What search engines will see

This is the other part of the puzzle.

When people search for a product that you have reviewed, they may see a rating displayed next to your review.

So, if we use Google’s rich snippet testing tool, we will see something like this:

Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool

This is striking, its eye catching and it does a great job of grabbing people’s attention.

You can choose from more than one type of rich snippet

On each of your blog posts (or pages if you select this in the settings) you get the option to choose the type of rich snippet.

And while this plugin appeals to most because of the option to add review rich snippets, you can also choose from product, organization or restaurant too.

Select Schema Type

Your audience can have their say too

One of the interesting features that WP Rich Snippets has is the option to allow your audience to leave their own reviews.

Display User Reviews

Reviews are displayed in at tab which makes it easy for users to find.

One of the worries with user reviews is negative reviews from competitors, it sounds horrible but it happens.

User reviews utilizes the WordPress native commenting system which means you can easily moderate any user reviews to ensure only honest user reviews are published.

Getting setup with WP Rich Snippets

After signing up for your account, you will be able to download the WP Rich Snippets plugin from the member’s area (you get access to other plugins too, more on this in a moment).

Once you have installed the plugin, you will be able to head straight to the plugins settings and start customizing the plugin to display reviews how you want.

The settings are fairly self-explanatory thanks to some explanations of what key settings do – this is great to see.

One feature that stands out to me as a huge time saver here, is the option to have default criteria setup – this means you won’t need to keep adding them for every review.

But, if you do need to change them, you can do this easily on individual reviews.

WP Rich Snippets Plugin Settings

You will need to select the post type that you would like to add reviews on.

Once you have completed this, you will be able to head over to your post and start your first review.

You may need to select screen options, then tick the ‘WP Rich Snippets’ box, then the plugin settings will appear under the live editor.

As displayed in the following screenshots:

Click “screen options” at the top right hand corner of your screen.

WordPress Screen Options

A window will drop down revealing several tick boxes, tick the one labelled “Rich Snippets”.

Tick "Rich Snippets" In WordPress Screen Options

You will now see the plugin options beneath the live editor, where you will be able to choose which type of rich snippets to use.

It’s important that you select the correct one to accurately describe what your post is about, for the purpose of this review, it will be the reviews type.

Post Settings

Filling in all of the details for your review is very straight forward.

Anything that is required will be highlighted by a red * symbol.

WP Rich Snippets is rocking some awesome features

This plugin is packed with features that are designed to help save you time and get you the results you deserve:

  • Import/export your plugin options – this is a huge time saver.
  • List all reviews option so you can see everything at a glance.
  • Supports multiple types of rich snippets/schema mark ups.
  • Multiple review types including ratings, percentages, votes and aggregate ratings.
  • Option for users to submit reviews through native WordPress comments.
  • Add images, sliders, YouTube videos and slideshows to your reviews.
  • Pick the colour and text for buttons.
  • Extend functionality with add-ons (more on this in a moment).
  • Ability to quickly disclose paid reviews.
  • All reviews have the no follow tag as standard – avoid getting into hot water with Google.
  • Review widgets are included so you can display a list of your recent reviews in your sidebar.
  • Ability to display pro’s and con’s at the bottom of your reviews – these really stand out.

Extended functionality with add-ons

I love that you can extend the functionality of WP Rich Snippets.

These add-ons are very straight forward to install (just like installing another plugin) and they can do great things.

There are two that I’m currently using here on WP Superstars.

WPRS Call-To-Action

This allows you to display a box below your review which contains pricing, rating and description information.

As well as the all-important call to action – this works great for encouraging users to check out the product you are reviewing.

WP Rich Snippets Call To Action Add-On

WPRS Ranking Table

When I was building WP Superstars, I wrote a post with the aim of comparing different web hosts that I had already published individual reviews for.

I needed a table that I could use to rank these web hosts in order while giving users the option to either read my review or check out the web host.

This add-on allowed me to do exactly that.

It also allows users to filter results by rank or rating too – awesome!

It adds a tab within the plugins menu with settings that you can customise – there are handy filtering options built in so that you can pick and choose which reviews are included.

You will then get a shortcode that you can add to your post/page.

WPRS Ranking Table Screenshot

Other add-ons for WP Rich Snippets

There are several other add-ons which could come in very useful. And I believe Hesham (the plugins creator) will be adding more in the future.

  • WPRS Display Rating – This allows you to display ratings in post excerpts.
  • WPRS User Reviews Image – This allows users to upload an image when they submit their review.
  • WPRS Compare – This is similar to the ranking table add-on, but it also pulls in criteria and descriptions with the option to pull in review images.

What about support?

There is a dedicated support forum where you can get support and it’s fast too.

I buy a lot of plugins (and themes) but the one issue that I have with most companies is their level of support.

A lot of plugin developers are quick to give up trying to resolve a problem or make customers feel like they aren’t valued.

Hesham and the team behind this plugin are different.

I also love that they are so open to feature requests – it feels great to be a customer (as crazy as that sounds).

Try WP Rich Snippets For Yourself

Update (July 2015):

It’s almost a year since I first published this review so I wanted to give you a heads up on some changes.

I’m still using WP Rich Snippets and even more add-ons have been released along with plenty of updates to enhance existing features.

I’m always on the lookout for new plugins but still, there is nothing quite like WP Rich Snippets and I doubt I’ll ever need to switch to another plugin.

All in all, I’ve had an incredible experience using this plugin.


  • Multiple rich snippet types
  • Easy to use
  • Great support
  • Easily expand functionality


  • Add-ons can get a bit pricey, although this is offset if you purchase the unlimited license.

Summary: WP Rich Snippets is easy to use, comes fully loaded with great features and awesome support – no other review plugin comes close.

RatingRated 4.5 stars

Posted by Adam Connell

Adam heads up the editorial team here at WP Superstars. He spends most of his time helping bloggers to get more out of WordPress and become visible online.