Have you ever wondered if you were making any mistakes with WordPress? If so, you're in luck.

This simple yet effective guide outlines a number of devistating WordPress mistakes and shows you exactly how to fix them

By making these key changes you can improve security, save time, increase your traffic, improve user experience and more.


“This book is a constant reminder to keep on top of my WordPress admin area and helps me run an effective, engaging website.”

Stacey Corrin - SC Creative

Fix These Critical Mistakes Easily

Inside this guide you'll find 11 serious WordPress mistakes that most people make. Even those who have been using WordPress for years.

Along with each mistake, you'll find the solution to fixing it. Each solution is step-by-step. Some mistakes are simple fixes, other require a bit more attention.

The reality is that whatever the situation, each mistake is worth fixing if you're serious about running your WordPress website for the long term.