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Getting your website to look just right can be a long process of trial and error.

Sometimes many of the themes on the market don’t have certain elements and features you want, while far too many includes ones you really don’t need.

With minimalism and simplicity driving many website designs, how do you go about creating a site where the main focus is on your content?

One way to do this is to custom build your own WordPress theme. I’ve tried this and can vouch that it’s not for the faint hearted. There are so many things that can go wrong, that you’ll likely need plenty of experience to make something like that work.

Another way is to use a theme that’s as a close to your desired design as possible. Then you can customize it to look the way you’d like it to.

whitespace pro review

I’m all for the latter option, it’s a lot easier and less messy.

With this in mind, I’d like to share with you a theme for the Genesis Framework that’s ideal to use for your next minimal project.

Introducing Whitespace Pro from StudioPress – a design that’s irresistibly simple.

First impressions

Whitespace Pro exudes a sense of quiet calm and authority. The layout is clean, crisp and easy to navigate. The welcome area is a particularly eye-catching feature, drawing the eye upwards towards a perfectly placed call-to-action button.


Below the welcome area, blog post excerpts are displayed in a modular grid. Hover over any of the blog entries and the grid square will highlight with the theme’s accent color. This is an attractive way of blending your brand colors into a minimal website environment.


When blog entries are clicked, they reveal a central column of content. There are no sidebars with this theme in the conventional sense. Rather your content is allowed to speak for itself with typography that pops from the page.


All of these initial features gives the impression of a space to enjoy the written word. There’s no clutter to distract your readers from your message, leaving you with pure, unadulterated space to read and think.

Features and widget areas

In keeping with the serene, sparse theme of Whitespace Pro, features are kept to a minimum. It’s easy to think that this might detract from the overall functionality, however that’s not what happens here. Instead Whitespace Pro removes the unnecessary, leaving you with only the features you really need.

Widget Areas

There are three areas in Whitespace Pro where you can drag and drop widgets to display further information. These spaces are:

  • Welcome
  • Social
  • After Entry

The welcome widget area is designed to hold a text widget with a welcome message. Your message will be overlaid onto the welcome image area of your theme, displaying a greeting or some further information about your website.

widget areas


The social widget area outputs in the footer section of your website. Here you can display buttons via the Simple Social Icons plugin, for users to click through to your social networks. The buttons display at the top of the dark footer area, creating an attractive contrast between the white of your blog posts and the black of your footer.

social widget

The after entry widget area is a section for widgets to display after single posts. This is a great place to include an opt-in form or banner ad however it can be used for any combination of widgets, depending on your needs.

after entry widget

Sitting between the end of your post and the comments area, it’s perfect for capturing attention before your readers leave your website.

Native color customization

Whitespace Pro is the first Genesis WordPress Theme to come with the option of customizing your colors via the WordPress Customizer. Navigate to ‘Appearance’ and ‘Customize’ to reveal a live preview of the front end of your website. Here you can experiment with your settings and preview them before saving.

native color customization

As you can see from the above image, this allows you to have full control over the output colors of your accent areas. Click on the “Select Color” button and you’ll be met with a user friendly color picker tool, saving you the need to research hex codes for the ideal look.

In my opinion this is a game-changer. No-one likes messing about with code, especially if you’re knowledge of CSS is limited. With the native customizer you won’t need to do any of that, along with the benefit of seeing your changes before you commit to them.

Further features include:

  • HTML5 Markup – The latest technology with clean, streamlined code
  • Theme Customizer – Customize and change your themes settings from within the native WordPress customize area
  • Custom Background – Choose a colored background or upload your own image
  • Landing Page – A beautiful, focused Landing Page template, free from menus to drive your message home
  • Custom Header – Use your own logo to further reinforce your branding
  • Mobile Responsive – Built with mobile navigation in mind to perfectly adapt to smaller screens

Documentation, support and pricing

Whitespace Pro is a Child Theme of the Genesis Framework, therefore having an updated copy of the Genesis Framework is required if you want your theme to work. The theme and the framework can be purchased from StudioPress.com, along with many other Genesis Child Themes.

Whitespace Pro will cost $99.95 which includes the Genesis Framework or $44.95 if you already own it.

Most of StudioPress’s own child themes, along with Whitespace Pro can be purchased as part of the Pro Plus Bundle, which is heavily discounted. For $399.95 you’ll receive support and updates for all themes created by StudioPress. This doesn’t include third-party themes (which are clearly labelled on the website) however it does include any future StudioPress releases.


In terms of support and documentation, each theme is accompanied by a set-up page and walkthrough. The tutorials show you how to set up your theme as per the StudioPress demo, along with any plugins you’ll need to download and activate.

To accompany the set-up pages, StudioPress has a full support system in place to help you on your way. Support tickets can be submitted from your login area. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours over weekends and holiday periods.

Further to this StudioPress have an extensive list of tutorials, guides and code snippets should you run into any difficulties. Lastly if you’re really stuck, you can seek help in the community forums. It’s likely any problems you’re facing will have already been covered by other users, therefore a quick search in the forums should find you a solution.

Final thoughts

I’m personally a huge fan of anything that does away with clutter. I love minimal design and am always striving to find the perfect WordPress theme that will achieve this for me.

With such a simple, clean layout and an emphasis on beautiful typography Whitespace Pro is definitely going to be my new go-to theme for the near future.

The support for the WordPress Customizer is a great touch that makes it far easier to tweak the colour of this theme to your liking – you’ll love this.

Click here to learn more about Whitespace Pro.


  • Uses WordPress Customizer for easy color customization
  • Very user friendly and easy to install and setup
  • Puts a focus on written content
  • No sidebars to distract


  • Could have further customization such as fonts
  • Lack of left or right sidebar could be frustrating for many

Summary: Whitespace Pro exudes a sense of quiet calm and authority. The layout is clean, crisp and easy to navigate. The addition of color changing via the WordPress Customizer makes this theme a game-changer for user-friendliness.

RatingRated 4.5 stars

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