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WordPress has to be hands down, one of the best platforms for building a blog on.

It’s incredibly user friendly and easy to get to grips with.

However where it falls short is with its limited options when it comes to really customizing every element of a page or post.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool out there that gave you that freedom?

Today I’m going to introduce just such a tool. A visual drag and drop content builder that lets you do exactly what you want with your content.

Introducing the Content Builder from Thrive Themes

The Thrive Content Builder plugin for WordPress, allows you to personalize, change, move around and truly customize any page or post on your blog. Everything’s done from the front end with a seamlessly fast drag and drop system and you don’t need to have any coding or design experience to use it.

The latest update to this useful plugin has seen some important changes that will further help you to create the kind of layout you’re after.

Let’s dig a little deeper to see what these are.

Three main features

Thrive Content Builder has three main features that stand out from the get go. These are:

  • The content builder and editor
  • Landing page templates
  • 2-step optin forms

The content builder has been around from launch. However the landing page templates and 2-step optin forms are brand new features for Thrive’s latest update.

These two new elements to Thrive are all about driving conversions and gaining leads. After all, your optin-list is probably one of your most valuable assets. This is where you market your products, services and provide updates to your audience, so it makes sense to nurture this as much as possible.

Further to this, they work on same premise as the Content Builder – To seamlessly customize every element of your design and layout, for maximum effect.

Thrive Content Builder

Let’s take a look at the Thrive Content Builder in a little more detail.

This awesome feature is the backbone of the Thrive package. A drag and drop visual content builder that’s super intuitive, fast and incredibly easy to use.

To get started, create a new page, give it a title and save it as a draft or publish it.

Open Thrive Content Builder's Editor

Then click on the ‘Edit Using Thrive Content Builder’ to launch the visual editor. This will bring up a live preview of your page with virtually no UI elements at all, while on the right hand side you’ll see your content editor packed full of useful options for making your page awesome.

Edit Text In The Editor

Inserting a design element into your page is as simple as clicking, dragging and dropping. Once you’ve got it in place, you can then tweak it to your hearts content by changing its colors, padding, font style, where it links to, the text and almost anything else you can think of.

Combining Different Thrive Elements

Design elements can also be combined to create a sophisticated visual. In the example above I’ve combined a content box, an image, two text boxes and a linked button. The colours, font and style have all been edited to stay in keeping with the website’s brand and I’ve added some padding to ensure they all align properly.

Column Layout Options

Another great design element that can be tricky to implement using code in a standard page, is the automatic column placement. Now you can set out your content in 2, 3, 4, etc. columns, all with the click of a button.

No more messing about with div tags, simply click, drag and format.

Landing page templates

The ability to choose a landing page template for a page, is one of the brand spanking new features I mentioned earlier.

Landing Page Templates

To do this, click on the template options in the content builder and you’ll be met with a pop-up like the one above.

These templates have all been created with the aim of providing you with a conversion optimized landing page, that’s ready to go. Simply launch your desired template and then edit to your heart’s content with the content builder.

All of the design elements in the content builder work with the landing page templates, so you’re free to chop and change them.

Note: Thrive recently updated the number of landing page templates. They are built in sets to help you create a consistent experience. Each set includes several landing page styles along with a thank you page and confirmation page design to make things easy for you.

Add Styled Lists In The Thrive Content Builder

Here I’ve added in some styled bullets to my template to make it more interesting, but you can literally do anything you want to your template. Move elements around, change the colors, the layout, remove bits, add bits and tweak away.

If you’re not that into the templates on offer, why not create one yourself? Choosing the blank landing page template, allows you to design and build your own from scratch. This is great if you want to make multiple landing pages on your website.

Simply create your template, customize it until you’re happy and then save it as a custom template. In the future you’ll be able to select that very same template to create multiple pages, all in keeping with your site’s branding.

2-step optin forms

The last major feature that’s been added in the Thrive Content Builder update is the new ability to create a 2-step optin process for your page.

Two step optins have been shown to be much more effective at driving conversions, because it ensures your potential subscriber is already primed for conversion by the time they make it to your form. This is something that’s not as reliable on a single optin form.

Landing Page Template With 2-Step Optin

The Content Builder makes this work by providing you with effortless landing pages with a clear call to action. Like the one above, a user lands on your landing page, reads the information you provide and will then decide whether you to your CTA.

Thrive's Lightbox Popover

Once they’ve clicked the call to action, a lightbox will appear with an optin that integrates with your mailing list provider, enabling readers to sign up.

As with the landing page templates, the lightboxes are completely editable too. You’ll find these in the Thrive Lightboxes tab on your WordPress dashboard. To edit you just click “Edit with Thrive Content Builder” and customize as usual.

Advantages of using the Thrive Content Builder

Now you might be thinking, “Wait a minute, there’s plenty of stuff out there that will let me create a landing page and optin form. Why should I buy yet another one?” and you’d be right to ask that. Why would you want to throw your money at something that loads of other plugins can do?

Here’s why:

  • With Thrive you’re effectively getting 3 great plugins, all in one package
  • It’s a one time purchase only – no monthly payments
  • Landing pages are literally ready to go
  • You’ve got complete creative freedom – change absolutely anything
  • Built in event manager to change how elements appear on the page – get your lightboxes to pop up, slide in, fade in based on user actions
  • The plugin is lightweight, no fuss and easy to use
  • Templates are optimized for powerful conversions
  • No design or code experience needed

Update for 2016:

Since originally publishing this review, we’ve continued to use Thrive Content Builder on other sites we run and the results have been impressive.

Not only is the plugin regularly updated, but new features are also being added. It gets better because new landing page templates are being added too – there are now over 120 to choose from covering everything from opt-in home pages, sales pages and thank you pages to webinar pages.

This plugin works so well because it’s built by a team that is focused on driving conversions to ensure that we get more leads and sales. Check it out here.

Summary: When it comes to giving you complete control over every element of a design, the Thrive Content Builder plugin, is the cream of the crop. In terms of functionality, versatility and user experience, nothing else comes close.

RatingRated 4.5 stars

Posted by Stacey Corrin

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