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Best Rich Snippets Plugins For WordPress

6 Best Rich Snippets Plugins For WordPress: Schema Markup Made Easy

Ever wondered how websites get those special rich snippets results in Google’s search results? You know what I’m talking about – the star ratings…the cooking times…all those extra goodies. It’s not magic. Nor is it some dirty trick. It’s actually...

/ April 30, 2017
The Complete Guide To Sitemaps In WordPress

The Beginner’s Guide To XML Sitemaps In WordPress

One of the best ways to be discovered in search engines – especially if your site is brand new – is by setting up a sitemap for your WordPress website. These days, search engines are powerful enough to discover new...

/ October 13, 2016
How to optimize your wordpress posts

Beyond SEO Plugins: How To Truly Optimize Your WordPress Posts

SEO plugins are a great tool for optimizing your WordPress blog, but how much of a difference does that green light really make? While Yoast SEO is the industry standard for a reason, it should be just one tool in...

/ March 23, 2016
LinkPatrol Review: Manage Your Outbound Links Effectively In WordPress

LinkPatrol Review: Manage Your Outbound Links Effectively In WordPress

Did you know that outbound links on your website could hurt your search rankings? It sounds crazy, but it’s true. The harsh reality is that Google takes a VERY dim view to any behavior that results in the manipulation of...

/ March 29, 2015