You’ve seen them on Google: detailed and flashy links in your search results with author photos, event times, prices, star ratings, and more.

What’s with those elaborate, eye-catching search results? How can you get them for your own website?

Called “rich snippets,” these attention-grabbing links can include data like:

  • Star ratings
  • Embedded photos or videos
  • Product information
  • Addresses and phone numbers
  • Recipe cooking times
  • Article information
  • Event dates, times, and locations

Here’s an example of a rich snippet from WP Superstars with star rating and author name:

An example of a rich snippet from WPSuperstars with star rating and author name. And rich snippets aren’t just good looking: Search results with rich snippets get up to 30% more clicks than plain links.

Google and other search engines can create rich snippets when webmasters use special HTML markup. You can find a collection of all the markup used by Google to recognize this data on, and test your links with the Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

WP Rich Snippets

WP Rich Snippets

WP Rich Snippets is an all-in-one plugin for review websites with a huge variety of options to build rich snippets. With WP Rich Snippets, you can create your own attractively-styled reviews on your website using your own custom criteria, as well as managing user-submitted reviews.

You have complete control over what schema data is added to each page and post, and you can see right from your dashboard how your rich snippets can display. You also control what your readers see on your website, including review summaries, pricing, percentage ratings, and more.

The plugin comes with tons of features, and the developers have also expanded the plugin with optional add-ons. The add-ons provide additional features like allowing users to submit photos with their reviews, tables to compare products side-by-side, and powerful customized call-to-action buttons to boost your conversion rates.

And it doesn’t just do review schema: you can also choose to display product, organization, or restaurant data.

Customer support is available and there’s extensive documentation, so there’s plenty of help available if you need it.

This plugin is used on WP Superstars, and you can check out a more detailed review with examples here.


  • A multitude of available schema types to add to your posts, including star ratings, prices, addresses, hours open, votes, and percentages
  • Time-saving options like import/export plugin options, and the ability to set default review settings
  • Intuitive interface with clear instructions for each feature
  • Create multimedia reviews with images, videos, slideshows, and more
  • Customize the look of your reviews by picking colors and fonts
  • Create clickable call-to-action buttons that stand out and grab attention
  • Add-on available to integrate with WooCommerce
  • Allow readers to submit reviews through WordPress comments
  • Moderate and aggregate reviews submitted by users
  • Highly-rated customer service with fast and helpful support

Price: $69+

Get WP Rich Snippets

Schema App Structured Data

Schema App Structured

Schema App Structured Data is a free plugin available from the plugin directory. It’s a simple tool that’s designed to let WordPress website owners easily edit their schema directly, without any coding knowledge necessary.

When you install the plugin, it automatically generates default schema markup to your whole website, including pages, posts, author pages, and more. You can also go into each individual page and post and edit the schema yourself.

Schema App Structured Data makes use of the Schema App Editor tool by Hunch Manifest, which means that your entries are automatically used to generate correct schema code, validated, and ready for search engines to parse. For those with more technical inclinations, you can also edit the schema code directly yourself.

While this plugin is free, you can also purchase technical support and unlock advanced features with the premium version, available from the developer’s website.


  • Automatically adds default schema to all your WordPress posts and pages
  • Edit the schema for each page without any coding knowledge required
  • Technical support and advanced features available in premium version

Price: Free (Premium starts at $37/month)

Get Schema App Structured Data

All In One Rich Snippets

All In One Schema

With just over 100,000 downloads and a 4+ star rating, All In One Rich Snippets is one of the most popular free plugins devoted to rich snippets. This is a simple, no-frills plugin: it just provides a quick way to add basic rich snippet data.

All In One Rich Snippets can add schema not just to your blog posts, but also for reviews, events, people, products, recipes, software, and videos. Whenever you create a new post, you can select the type of rich snippet you’d like to configure (review, recipe, etc.), and then add detailed information for search engines to display in your snippets.

Many of the reviews also mention that the developers provide very fast and helpful support, which can be hard to find when it comes to free plugins. But just perusing the reviews shows that the plugin creators are very responsive and happy to help resolve any issues that crop up.

If you just want to implement rich snippets and don’t have a need for any other features, give All In One Rich Snippets a try.


  • Support for common schema including reviews, ratings, events, people, products, and recipes
  • Quick and easy to install and configure
  • Fast free support from the developers

Price: Free

Get All In One Schema

Rich Reviews

Rich Reviews

Rich Reviews is a free plugin available from that makes implementing starred reviews on your blog a quick, easy process. Add 5-star ratings anywhere on your website with shortcuts, and watch your search results display rich snippets with your ratings.

The ratings styling is minimalist and matches with any theme. The ratings can be used for product reviews, customer testimonials, and more.

Unfortunately, this plugin doesn’t allow users to submit their own ratings, though – for that feature, you should check out WP Rich Snippets below!


  • Quickly and easily add 5-star ratings anywhere on your website
  • Display multiple ratings on any page
  • Adds rich schema markup with all your ratings

Price: Free

Get Rich Reviews

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin is a schema shortcode generator. You can use it to create shortcodes that implement schema markup, and you can set your data to be either visible or invisible.

If you’d like to create visible schema markup, you can set the shortcode to display the schema details within your post (such as displaying a rating, product review, recipe ingredients, etc.). Alternatively, you can set them to be invisible: your readers won’t be able to see the information, but search engines can still read the markup and include it in your rich snippets.

Unlike the above free plugins, Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin doesn’t generate schema automatically or implement it site-wide. Instead, it gives you more control by allowing you to edit each individual post or page, and choose whether to display your schema on the page or not.


  • Generate shortcodes to implement schema markup anywhere
  • Choose to display your schema data right on your page for visitors to see

Price: $12

Get Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

Final thoughts

Choosing a rich snippets plugin isn’t an easy task. The features provided can vary greatly depending on the plugin, from very basic rich snippets implementation, to plugins that help structure your entire site.

You can keep things simple by using something like the free All in One Schema plugin or you can add incredible amounts of functionality with a plugin like WP Rich Snippets – it’s perfect if you’re running a review site too. We use it for all of our reviews here on WP Superstars.

Posted by KeriLynn Engel

KeriLynn Engel is a member of the editorial team here at WP Superstars. She is a copywriter & content marketing strategist. Keri loves working with B2B & B2C businesses to plan and create high-quality content that attracts and converts their target audience. When not writing, you can find her reading speculative fiction, watching Star Trek, or playing Telemann flute fantasias at a local open mic.