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When choosing a WordPress theme it can be so easy to opt for the standard blog/sidebar combination.

Afterall, this is what most people are used to and it’s difficult to stray away from something we’re so familiar with, when faced with the unknown.

Mobile browsing however has revolutionized the way we look at web design.

Not only should our blogs and websites feature larger buttons and flat designs, they need to be responsive too. In simple terms, your site should adapt seamlessly from one screen size to the next. This provides the optimal viewing experience for laptops, tablets and smartphones.

StudioPress released a new Genesis Child theme recently, that puts mobile browsing at the heart of its design.

Today I’m going to show you exactly what this theme can do and how it can help your readers get a prime user experience from your blog.

Remobile Pro: initial thoughts & features

Remobile Pro greets you with a fluid, one-column homepage and a black and white color scheme. It’s unobtrusive, easy on the eye but bold enough to make a statement.

remobile pro

Unlike standard WordPress themes, this one has what is popularly known as a ‘Hamburger Button’ for its primary navigation menu. The hamburger button is identified by a series of 3-4 horizontal lines. When clicked it expands to reveal the full navigation area.

Hamburger buttons are traditionally found on mobile apps. They make it easier to fit lots of information into a small space, therefore utilizing the button in a WordPress theme cleans up the header area as well as providing suitable navigation for mobile devices.

You’ll also notice that your eye is naturally drawn downwards with this theme. This is via the clever use of the widgetized home page, something we’ll look closer at shortly. The real benefit of skimming over a page in this way, is that it helps the eye pick out the important information. Place call-to-action buttons on your homepage, and they’ll stand out and be seen much easier than nestled within a mass of written content.

Widgetized home page

So looking at the fluid transition from one content area to the next, we can see that each area is dedicated to a different homepage widget. There are six of these widgets in total, each able to perform multiple functions.

widgetized area

I’ve set up my widgets as close to the demo as I could get them, so you can see how each one works. As you can see the majority of these areas use a standard text widget to output a little code. Let’s look at each area one by one.

Home intro

The Home Intro widget area is designed to feature a welcome message to your visitors. Any widget can be placed in this area, however the demo features a text widget with a headline, some text and a call to action button.

homepage example

The image to the back of this area is a backstretch image, meaning any image you upload here (via the theme customization settings) will stretch to fit the container. The default image is provided at a size of 1600 x 558 pixels therefore if you wish to replace the image, it’s best that you use an image of a similar size.

Tip: Darken your background image slightly before uploading. This will ensure your intro text doesn’t get lost in the image.

Home pricing

The home pricing area is set to display a pricing table by default, again using a standard text widget. You can easily adapt this area to suit a number of needs. For example when I was using this theme on my own website, I had the area display three images in a one-third column, which then linked to services I was offering.


The pricing area looks great but you do need to read through a quick tutorial to get it setup. It does require some code but it’s all in the tutorial which makes it much quicker to setup.

Home features

This area is where the demo displays a series of services or features. You can add any content you like here, you don’t have to copy the demo. You might want to add some recent posts via the featured posts widget, or perhaps an optin form to capture signups.


If you’re set on using the theme as laid out in the demo, you’ll need to place an empty text widget in the Home Features area. To use an icon above your description, use the dashicons div class. To add a button use the button div class. To display everything in three columns, use the one-third div class.

Tip: Example code for each of the text widgets can be found via the theme setup page after purchasing.

Home social

The home social widget area isn’t used in the Remobile Pro theme demo, however setting it up is as simple as installing a small, lightweight plugin.

Head to the Plugin directory and search for “Simple Social Icons”. Once you’ve installed and activated this plugin, you’ll be able to drag the Simple Social Icons widget into your Home Social widget area.

Next fill in the boxes next to your chosen social networks, set the color and size of your icons and click save. Returning to the homepage, you’ll now be able to see your social icons displayed in their own area, below your Home Features section.

In addition to the home widget areas, Remobile Pro ships with three standard footer widgets and an after content area for adding extra content to your site with ease.

One column layout

I believe (and this is really a personal opinion), that the intrinsic beauty and simplicity of Remobile Pro, can be found in its one-column layout. There’s no fussing around with Primary and Secondary sidebars, no extra bells and whistles to deter your readers attention.

one column layout

Instead you have a clean, white page where the content is slap-bang in the centre. The typography stands out from the page with a crispness like new paper. It’s difficult to tear your eyes away from, and there-in lies the key. It was designed to keep and hold your attention long enough for you to take action.

Further functionality

We haven’t covered everything yet however Remobile Pro has a lot more to give when you factor in the secondary navigation area displayed in the footer.

social media

Then there’s the ability to use a custom header image of up to 320 x 80 pixels. If that’s not enough you can add breadcrumbs for easier navigation, utilize the blog and landing page templates, as well as use a combination of Genesis plugins such as Simple Edits and Simple Hooks.

Documentation & pricing

Because Remobile Pro is a child theme for the Genesis Framework, you’ll need to purchase a copy of the framework too. If you don’t already have a copy, StudioPress makes this easy by including the framework with any theme you buy from them.

The total price for Remobile Pro plus the Genesis Framework is $99.95 and will include the following:


Further to this, if you go back to purchase a theme from StudioPress as a returning customer, you’ll be privy to a nice little discount.

Support for StudioPress themes and the Genesis framework is detailed and extensive. Besides the step-by-step walkthroughs for installing and setting up each theme, StudioPress also has a wealth of code snippets for customizations and how-tos for popular features.

The Genesis community is a large and thriving one. There are multiple Facebook groups available for users of all abilities, hundreds of blogs dedicated to getting the most out of Genesis and a community of Genesis Developers willing to lend a hand should you end up in trouble.

Final thoughts

Ultimately Remobile Pro is a worthwhile investment if you need a site that’s fast, mobile friendly and which needs a laser-like focus. Many businesses and agencies could benefit from this type of website layout, while bloggers can also make use of it with a little imagination and creativity.

In a world that’s moving ever faster towards quick solutions, easy access and mobile browsing, Remobile Pro is a great solution for those lacking time but needing more functionality.

Click here to grab your copy of Remobile Pro.


  • Powerful framework and features
  • Focused layout to capture attention
  • Quality support with a great range of setup tutorials


  • Would like to see more custom post types for further customisation
  • Not as easy to customize as I would like

Summary: Remobile Pro is a worthwhile investment if you need a site that’s fast, mobile friendly and which needs a laser-like focus. Many businesses and agencies could benefit from this type of website layout, while bloggers can also make use of it with a little imagination and creativity.

RatingRated 4.5 stars

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