Top Comment Enhancing Plugins For WordPress

6 Top Comment Enhancing Plugins For WordPress: Boost Engagement Today

Is blog commenting dead? Some sites are proclaiming the reign of blog comments is over. Big sites like are even removing them entirely. You may be wondering if it’s worth it to worry about comments on your own site. But...

/ September 4, 2014
Genesis Framework Review

Genesis Framework Review: What’s The Big Deal?

Have you ever found yourself working endlessly on a WordPress theme and/or paying hundreds of dollars to a developer to customize it for you? And when the time comes to change that theme, all your past work flows down the...

/ August 11, 2014
How To Disable Directory Browsing In WordPress

How To Disable Directory Browsing In WordPress

By default most webservers like Apache, NGINX and LiteSpeed have directory browsing enabled. It simply means that people can view the content of the individual folders (directories) in your website. From a security standpoint you don’t want this happening since...

/ August 7, 2014
WP Rich Snippets Review

WP Rich Snippets Review: Create Reviews With Flare

Publishing reviews on your blog is a great way of earning money from your blog. Whether you are publishing sponsored reviews or monetizing them with affiliate links – they work great. The main problem is that most WordPress themes don’t...

/ August 4, 2014
Top WordPress Advertising Management Plugins

5 Top WordPress Advertising Management Plugins To Boost Your Revenue

Selling advertising is one of the most effective ways to generate money from your website. But, the problem is that they’re difficult to manage. And you either have to display AdSense and get a painfully low amount of money in...

/ July 31, 2014
Easy Ways To Install A WordPress Theme

3 Easy Ways To Install A WordPress Theme

Installing a WordPress theme can be a tricky business if not done correctly. You stand the risk of wrecking your current active theme and/or deleting important plugin and theme files. You can install a WordPress theme in one of three...

/ July 28, 2014
Top Premium Magazine Themes For WordPress

15 Top Premium Magazine Themes For WordPress

From humble beginnings, to one of the most commonly used website platforms in the world, WordPress is obviously a fan favorite. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional developer or a first time blogger, WordPress is clearly one of...

/ July 24, 2014 vs Vs Why Your Self-Hosted Website Will Break Down Barriers

As a person who has set foot on this big and exciting world of blogging – a land filled with countless opportunities, choosing the right tools is of monumental importance. Now I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about these awesome blogging/content...

/ July 21, 2014
OptimizePress 2.0 Review

OptimizePress 2.0 Review: Create Incredible Landing Pages With Ease

Creating high converting marketing pages used to be insanely expensive. You had the hassle and expense of trying to explain to a developer how you wanted a page to look, and what you wanted it to do. Then if you...

/ July 9, 2014
Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins To Leverage Social Proof

5 Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins To Leverage Social Proof

Word of mouth is a powerful tool. And putting that to work is an important piece of building your business. There are many ways to bolster your business’ reputation. But few ways have more impact than great testimonials that pay...

/ July 8, 2014
Easy Ways To Install A WordPress Plugin

3 Easy Ways To Install A WordPess Plugin

In this WordPress beginner’s tutorial, we’ll show you three easy ways to install a WordPress plugin. We’ve made this tutorial for folks who want to learn the best WordPress practices. We’ve begun with the easiest and the most recommended method...

/ July 7, 2014
Essential Tasks You Must Complete After Installing WordPress

12 Essential Tasks You Must Complete After Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress only takes a few minutes and once the installation has taken place your site is ready for use. While it can be tempting to just dive straight in and get to work on publishing your first pieces of...

/ July 3, 2014
BackupBuddy Review

BackupBuddy Review: Find Out How This Plugin Saves Me Money

We never like to think that the worse can happen. But, the ugly truth is that it can happen. And sometimes at the most inopportune moments. Most importantly, if you aren’t prepared for when things go dreadfully wrong – it...

/ July 1, 2014
Speeding Up WordPress: Top Caching Plugins

Speeding Up WordPress: Top 4 Free Caching Plugins

Do you know how long your website takes to load? If it’s over 2 or 3 seconds, you’re out of luck. Almost half of users abandon websites that take over 3 seconds to load (KISSmetrics). Nearly 80% of visitors won’t...

/ July 1, 2014
Metro Pro Theme Review

Metro Pro Theme Review: See What It Can Do For You

Choosing a WordPress theme is definitely a challenge. There’s just so much choice. If you don’t make the right decision you will just end up wasting money. And you don’t want to just be throwing your money away do you?...

/ June 30, 2014
Parallax Pro Theme Review

A Review Of The Parallax Pro WordPress Theme From StudioPress

Parallax Pro is a stunning WordPress theme. As with all StudioPress themes – there is a lot of hype surrounding Parallax Pro. The question is – is the hype deserved? The following review of Parallax Pro will give you an...

/ June 27, 2014