WP Profit Builder Review

WP Profit Builder Review: Landing Page Creation Made Easy

In the world of online marketing, creating optimized landing pages that convert can often be daunting task; especially if you have no coding experience. Luckily as with anything WordPress related, there is a solution for that and it comes in...

/ March 3, 2015
How To Customize Your WordPress Login Page

How To Customize Your WordPress Login Page

The WordPress login page is one of the most frequently accessed pages of your WordPress installation, yet it’s the one that is most often left to look just as it does with a fresh install. If you are running a multiple...

/ February 27, 2015
Tidio Live Chat Plugin

How To Add Live Chat To WordPress Using The Tidio Live Chat Plugin

As a small business owner, one of the most important things you can do is provide excellent customer service. Being able to answer potential questions, and solve problems quickly can be the main difference between being a successful business owner...

/ February 19, 2015
How To Add 301 Redirects In WordPress And Avoid 404 Errors

How To Add 301 Redirects In WordPress And Avoid 404 Errors

If you have ever changed a URL on your website, or your permalink structure without adding redirects you could have a serious problem on your hands. But why is this a problem? Changing URL’s without adding redirects causes problems with search engines like...

/ February 6, 2015
Remobile Pro Review

Remobile Pro Review: A Clean Theme For A Clear Message

When choosing a WordPress theme it can be so easy to opt for the standard blog/sidebar combination. Afterall, this is what most people are used to and it’s difficult to stray away from something we’re so familiar with, when faced...

/ January 27, 2015
Whitespace Pro Review

Whitespace Pro Review: Give Your Visitors A Stunning Visual Experience With This Theme

Getting your website to look just right can be a long process of trial and error. Sometimes many of the themes on the market don’t have certain elements and features you want, while far too many includes ones you really...

/ January 20, 2015
Stunning Minimal WordPress Themes

11 Stunning Minimal WordPress Themes That Put Your Content First

What is it about minimalism that’s gripping the realm of web design right now? Perhaps it’s the launch of websites like Medium and Ello which is feeding this trend or do we naturally gravitate towards sparse design when the industry...

/ January 16, 2015
Specular Review

Specular Review: A Multipurpose WordPress Theme For Any Occasion

If you are looking for a WordPress theme that is versatile and can fit any purpose, then look no further than Specular – a multipurpose theme for any occasion. With numerous customization options, online template builder and the ability to...

/ January 12, 2015
How To Use Dashicons In WordPress

How To Use Dashicons In WordPress: A Step-By-Step Guide

It happens to everyone. You find a theme you like, you install it and spend a few months enjoying the look of your site. But then, after a few months, the theme starts to feel stale. A bit boring. The...

/ January 8, 2015
iPage WP Essential Review

iPage WP Essential Review: A Hassle Free WordPress Hosting Solution

When it comes to web hosting companies they are a dime a dozen. And almost all of them promise a lot of bang for your buck and claim they are great for hosting WordPress based websites. However, a lot of...

/ January 5, 2015
Top Photography Themes For WordPress

8 Top Photography Themes For WordPress: Showcase Your Work In A Better Light

Blogging is a booming industry for all kinds of niches these days and this couldn’t be truer for photography bloggers. With smartphone technology and powerful digital cameras now cheaper than ever, more and more people are choosing photography as both...

/ December 11, 2014
Top WordPress Security Plugins

4 Top WordPress Security Plugins: Easily Lock Down Your Site

Think only big companies and famous bloggers get hacked? The truth is the most common hacking targets are small businesses and websites, because they’re often less secure. Tens of thousands of websites are hacked every day according to Forbes, and even WordPress...

/ December 1, 2014
Easy Ways To Sell Digital Products With PayPal And WordPress

3 Quick And Easy Ways To Sell Digital Products With PayPal And WordPress

Digital products like eBooks, cheat sheets, checklists and videos appear to be the way forward for bloggers looking to earn a living. They’re a popular choice because they’re easy to market, simple to package and can sold at the click...

/ November 20, 2014
Optimize Your Content For Social Networks Using WordPress

How To Optimize Your Content For Social Networks Using WordPress

By now we all know that writing great content paired with the correct usage of keywords leads to great SEO results. But there is one thing that is equally important when writing your blog posts. And that is making sure...

/ November 13, 2014
Easy Ways To Speed Up WordPress

8 Easy Ways To Speed Up WordPress: Without Any Frustrating Technical Hurdles

If your website takes too long to load, it is costing you money. That’s a fact. Studies have shown that just a 1 second delay in loading time can cause a 7% loss of conversions. Think about it like this:...

/ November 6, 2014
KeyCDN Review

KeyCDN Review: A Cost Effective Way To Speed Up Your Website

As website owners, it’s incredibly important to make sure your web site loads fast. Slow loading times can actually drive visitors away from your site and that is the last thing you want. Aside from optimizing images, minimizing your CSS and...

/ November 3, 2014
How To Optimize Images For WordPress

How To Optimize Images For WordPress Without A Steep Learning Curve

Images comprise around 63 percent of the average website, so it’s important that WordPress site owners optimize their images to keep load times under control. Over the last couple of years, web pages have continued to increase in size. The...

/ October 30, 2014
Education Pro Review

Education Pro Review: A Genesis Child Theme For More Than Just Institutions

When choosing a theme for your website or blog, sometimes you need a little something more than the average blog template. Let’s face it, not everyone has the same interests or desires – the world would be a boring place...

/ October 27, 2014