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Choosing a WordPress theme is definitely a challenge.

There’s just so much choice.

If you don’t make the right decision you will just end up wasting money.

And you don’t want to just be throwing your money away do you?

I’ve been there myself.

If I knew what I know now I would have saved myself an incredible amount of money.

In this review I’m going to take a closer look at the Metro Pro theme from StudioPress (running on the Genesis Framework) and show you what it can do for you.

What powers Metro Pro?

The Metro Pro theme is powered by the Genesis Framework.

Genesis is a theme framework that is focused on being airtight in terms of security and extremely lightweight.

There are frameworks that give you a lot more features – I’ll be the first to admit that and you should definitely understand that.

But the reality is that when you start adding more and more features (that you probably won’t need) you end up with a huge problem.

What starts off as lightweight ends up being slow and clunky giving your users a bad experience.

What’s worse with these slow and bloated themes is that you can’t remove these features (unless you’re a developer but it’s still a lot of work).

The best thing you can do is to start off with a lightweight theme and add the functionality that you need using plugins.

There are even more benefits by doing that because if you end up changing themes – you will have the plugins in place to keep the functionality that you need.

Also, thanks to the popularity and size of the StudioPress community, there are plenty of specific plugins (most of which you can download for free) that will help you here.

What features is the Metro Pro theme rocking?

Metro Pro is minimal in style but still has plenty of features and amenities to customize your site’s appearance and ensure that it catches the eye of potential customers.

These features include:

  • Five colour options (blue, green, orange, red and pink)
  • Four page templates (archive, blog, landing page, columns)
  • Six website layout options (can be used interchangeably, allowing you to pick a different layout for each post or page)
  • Various image alignment options
  • Custom background and header
  • Featured images
  • Image auto-sizing
  • Widget areas including after post
  • Option to add ‘breadcrumbs’ so visitors know where they are on your site
  • Exclude categories from blog page template
  • And more

Why is this theme the smart choice for you?

I’m personally a big fan of the Genesis Framework and this theme in particular – I’ve used it on projects in the past and had some great results.

Here are some reasons why Metro Pro could just be an incredible smart choice for you:

  • Deliver a better experience to your readers on both desktop and mobile – Metro Pro is built on HTML5
  • Metro Pro is extremely lightweight and fast giving you better load times which can have a positive impact on your conversion rates
  • Get piece of mind knowing that the Genesis Framework and Metro Pro are airtight and follow WordPress security best practices
  • Update without any of the headaches – the Genesis Framework lets you update on auto-pilot ensuring that your site will get the latest upgrades (particularly security updates)
  • There’s no messing around – pick from 1 of 5 different colour schemes which can be changed in a snap
  • A selection of incredible WordPress plugins specifically designed to work with the Genesis Framework
  • Layout changes are as simple as one click – you have 6 layout options including full width content
Metro Pro Theme - Blue Colour Scheme

Changing Your Colour Scheme Is Easy (5 Colour Schemes Included)

The Landing Page Temple For The Metro Pro Theme

Remove Distractions With The Landing Page Template

Multiple Layout Settings With The Metro Pro Theme

Multiple Layout Settings For Your Content

Add Breadcrumbs With The Metro Pro Theme

Add Breadcrumbs To Your Site Easily

Which sites can Metro Pro work for?

In the theme demo, it’s setup as more of a magazine style website.

So if you’re looking to put together a really slick magazine style website – this theme would be perfect.

There’s also a blog page template so you can make this work as a personal blog – I’ve even seen it work very well for corporate blogs too.

Grab yourself a huge saving

Metro Pro is already great value for money considering the fact that you can use it on unlimited websites and get free updates – for life!

What about getting more great looking themes?

And saving over $900 in the process?

I’m a huge fan of the StudioPress themes and use them on plenty of websites.

So to save myself money I bought the ‘Pro Plus All-Theme’ package.

This gave me access to every theme StudioPress have made – and I’ll also get access to any themes they make in the future.

And they add to the collection regularly.

Click here to learn more.


  • A landing page template is built in so you can remove distractions and focus on what matters.
  • Immediately after purchasing you get your option to download your theme and access an in depth
  • Plenty of tutorials to help you do more with the Metro Pro theme
  • Fast and responsive support
  • A multi-purpose theme that can fit any blog or magazine style website
  • Widget areas in all the right places – especially the after post widget area which is great for adding opt-in forms and other features


  • Could be a bit easier to customize the colour scheme but ultimately more customization options means compromising the fast load times (and I think for most, the colour schemes included should be enough)

Summary: StudioPress have delivered an incredibly slick and well-designed child theme that looks smart, its mobile responsive and extremely lightweight. Metro Pro is a solid theme that is focused on all the right things.

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