The ultimate WordPress resource? Really?

We know it’s a big claim, but we’ve really tried our best to curate a top notch list of WordPress resources that are worth looking at.

Below you’ll find top WordPress blogs with some of their best posts, top themes and plugins and much much more.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Blogs about WordPress and their best blog posts

With so many awesome WordPress blogs and sites out there, it’s always hard to try and narrow in on a select few.

We did our best to include as many as we could, but to be honest, listing them all would create a 10,000+ word post!

WP Tavern


If you crave WordPress news to no end, than WP Tavern is your Holy Grail.

The blog is continually updated with the more in-depth topics and news in the WP world, is full of interesting and top notch interview, and you’ll always find something interesting to read or listen to on the podcast.

WP Kube


Let’s keep the ball rolling with more great WordPress blogs.

WP Kube is yet another great resource for tips, tricks and reviews on WordPress products and services. The site also has a great section for exclusive coupon deals so that you can save money on the products you were going to buy anyway.

Here are some of the best posts from the blog:

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes

Not only is Elegant Themes one of the top WordPress Theme Shops around, it is also home to one of the most popular and heavily trafficked WordPress blogs online today — close to half a million views per month!

Why the popularity? Well, the theme shop has some serious WP weaponry and the blog homes some really great articles on a wide variety of subjects including social media, being a web designer, SEO and more much more.

Here are some of the top posts on the blog:

Winning WP


Winning WP covers just about every WordPress topic you can think of. Themes, plugins, tutorials, SEO, Social Media — it’s got it all.

And if you’re ever in need of a deal, then be sure to check out the Deals section on the site for coupon codes to help you save a bit of money.

WP Beginner

WP Beginner

Of course, we can’t leave WPBeginner off the list. As one of the good old Titans of WP blogs, WPBeginner is one of the most popular blogs in the WordPress hemisphere. It houses thousands of how-to posts to help both beginner users of WordPress and the more advanced.

Here are some of the top posts on the blog:

WP Shout


This awesome blog houses some great WordPress tutorials written by a couple of guys who know their chiz (yes — chiz). Fred and David are the guys behind the helm of the ship that is WP Shout and their skill as WordPress developers comes through loud and clear.

Here are some great posts from the blog:

WP Daily Themes


As the name suggests, WP Daily Themes is updated daily and often features WordPress themes that have recently hit the market. The blog also features a wide variety of topics pertaining to WordPress plugins, how-to posts, and much more.



WPMU DEV is best known as a premium plugin and theme shop, however, the site also has a hugely popular blog that covers both basic and advanced topics about WordPress and the occasional editorial type of post that are always a welcome change of pace.

WP Scoop


This one is one for your bookmarks. Why? WP Scoop isn’t your average WordPress blog.

The site is molded around helping you compare top plugins in order to help you choose the best one for you. Not only can you read the in-depth reviews, but you can also leave your own reviews on the plugins available for review and help others along the way.

WP Mayor


Not only can you find great content about WordPress on WP Mayor, but you can also find great help regarding your site. Looking to have a site audit, need help getting our site fixed after it has been hacked or looking for a WordPress Job?

You can find help right on the site and learn quite a bit from the blog along the way.

Here are some great posts from the site:



Though you’ve likely heard of WP Engine Hosting, you may not know about their online magazine — Torque. There you will find great business tips for freelance, WordPress news and many other categories where they dive a bit deeper on WordPress related topics.

WP Superstars


WP Superstars covers all the good stuff about WordPress. Want in-depth but not overwhelming reviews about the latest WP products to hit the market? Or how about tips to help make your WordPress environment easier to deal with?

Well, this blog as all of that and more. Our moto?

WordPress. Simplified.

That way everyone and their 80 year old grandmother can wrangle the wild beast of WordPress. Below are some of the best posts that we have up on the site right now:

Tutorial and coding sites for WordPress

Bob WP


It may not be the traditional tutorial based site, but Bob WP is one of the top resources for amazing WordPress theme customization tutorials by the ever amazing Bob Dunn.

Not only can you find great tutorials, but Bob also has an awesome podcast and workshops to help you make the most of WordPress.

Sridhar Katakam

Sridhar Katakam

Looking for Genesis Framework tutorials to help you customize this amazing theme? Then be sure to check out Sridhar Katakam’s site.

Though much of the content found there requires a membership to view it fully, Sridhar has some of the best tutorials and walkthroughs that I’ve ever found for customizing the Genesis Framework.

Tuts Plus WordPress

Tuts Plus WordPress

Tuts Plus is a membership site that teach everything from coding a WordPress site to running a WordPress powered business (though the content isn’t specific to WordPress alone.)

There is quite a bit of information that can be viewed for free, and if you like what you’re learning then you can join for more in depth learning.

It’s is one thing to know how to build websites with WordPress, but it is another thing entirely to learn how to make good money as a WordPress web designer.

The Evil Genius, Spencer teamed up with 1st Web Designer and created this site to teach people how to code and design sites on a single WP framework and how to find clients that pay.

If you’re struggling to make ends meet as a designer, then this is something you’ll want to check out.



Want to learn to code HTML, CSS, Javascript and more, but just can’t justify the cost that so many other sites charge? Then you’ll want to bookmark this page.

Learn everything you need to know about coding basics and some advanced things as well, on Codecademy — all for free.

Some of the best WordPress themes

Looking for a great WordPress theme? I know that it’s a rough road to travel, especially since there are so many choices.

Below we’ve rounded up some of what we consider to be the best themes around so if you’re on a search, consider this your first stop to finding that perfect theme.

Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework

You shouldn’t be surprised to see this bad boy on the list. The Genesis Framework and all its child themes is one of the best, most powerful, developer friendly themes around.

Even if you’re not a designer or developer, new tools like Beaver Builder and CSS Hero are making it easier for anyone to grab the framework and mold it into a design that they’ll be happy with. I work almost exclusively with this theme and love it!

Read our review to find out more.

Divi by Elegant Themes


Though Divi is a relatively new theme, it has been launched into WordPress stardom due to it’s drag and drop capabilities, elegant design and relative ease of use. Membership with Elegant Themes gets you this theme and so much more, so it can be well worth your money.

Check out our review to find out more reasons why you’ll love this theme.

Schema by MyThemeShop


Need a fast, powerful, SEO centric theme? Then check out Schema by MyThemeShop. Though it’s look is a little basic, the theme beat out the Genesis Framework when it came to speed right out of the box.

The backend theme options are extensive with tons of customize options which means that you don’t need to code to make the theme stand out. I’ve used this theme myself and couldn’t be happier.

Zerif Pro by ThemeIsle

Zerif PRO Theme

This is one of the best one-page WordPress themes out on the market today. Not only was Zerif Pro created by a top notch company, but it’s one of easiest themes to design since all the customizing features are built right into the WP Customizer.

You can always take the theme for a test run using the free version, but after you do, you’ll see just how easy it is to build your site with it.

X Theme

X Theme

The X theme climbed its way to the top on Themeforest as one of the top selling themes of all time, and once you take a closer look at it, it’s easy to see why.

The theme comes with what are called Stacks which are different versions and layouts of the theme, has a ton of plugins and over 40 different layouts that you can download as demo content to your site so that you’re not starting a design from scratch (though that is an option).

You can design literally any style theme with this single framework and you don’t have to code in order to do it. You can use the built in shortcodes or Visual Composer to create dynamic and unique pages you’ll be proud to call your site’s home.

MyBlog by WP Kube


Looking for a blogging theme that takes it up a notch? Then check out MyBlog by WP Kube. The theme takes bold fonts and sleek lines and mixes it with a few unique elements that create an exceptional theme for your blogging purposes.

Sydney Pro by aThemes

Sydney Pro

Sydney Pro is great theme for all your business purposes. It is a one-page style theme that works the the Slider Revolution plugin and boasts many great features to help you create a captivating site.

Ultimatum by WonderFoundry


Want a theme that really wows right out of the box?

Well, Ultimatum is sure to do just that. Ultimatum is built on Bootstrap, is a drag and drop style theme with, comes packed with $240+ premium plugins like Visual Composer and Slider Revolution, and is WooCommerce, BuddyPress and bbPress ready.

Some of the best WordPress plugins

Much like WordPress themes, it’s pretty difficult to narrow the absolute best plugins down since so many people have their own opinion about what is the best and what isn’t. Still, we tried to narrow in on a few plugins that are pretty top notch.

Below are some of the best WordPress plugins that are definitely worth taking a closer look at.



If you want a full-suite of marketing features packed into a single WordPress plugin that is also free, then SumoMe is one of those tools and that you’ve been waiting to hear about.

The plugin itself is packed with its own set of free apps like opt-in popups, social sharing buttons, heat map capabilities and more.



Spam is a huge headache to have to clean up and deal with on a daily basis. The Akismet plugins helps to alleviate the headache that is comment and trackback spam.

Though it’s not perfect and does, occasionally put a legit comment in the spam folder, the plugin does an amazing job of helping combat this type of spam and will save you a ton of time in the long run.



CoSchedule hasn’t been around for very long, but it’s one of those plugins that you quickly fall in love with after you realize how much it can do.

Not only is it an editorial calendar, it is also a social media tool that will post your WP articles to your social channels (which can be customized) and it will help keep your older posts out in your social media channels so that you don’t have to go back and do all the work yourself.



Speaking of opt-in popups, Bloom is a great email opt-in plugin to help you grab even more signups for your email list.

Not only are there a ton of style options to choose from, but the plugin has plenty of placement options to also up the chances of grabbing that valuable subscriber.

CSS Hero


As a Genesis Framework designer (and aspiring developer), there was almost nothing that makes me happier than finding this amazing plugin.

CSS Hero takes the hassle out of both learning to code CSS and hand coding CSS altogether. With the help of the plugin, you don’t need to know CSS in order to take your theme from average to epic.

Just a few clicks of your mouse and you’ve edited CSS like some the pros.

Beaver Builder Plugin

Beaver Builder

There are a ton of page builder plugins, but Beaver Builder has a way of taking the cake when it comes to ease of use and customization options.

Plus, just as a side note, it’s compatible with CSS Hero too which means that you you don’t have to be a WP expert to create dynamic and striking websites.

Click to Tweet

Click To Tweet

When this plugin launched, it seemed to just take over the WordPress world — and with good reason. Everyone knows that social media and gaining social shares from your website viewers is vital for gaining traffic back to your website.

Click to Tweet made it possible to place CTAs in your post to promote those shares in a non-intrusive sort of way. This is one of those plugins that everyone should use.

For more help with adding click to tweet boxes to your content, check out our tutorial.



Since we’re on the topic of social shares, if you’ve been looking at a membership with Elegant Themes, then Monarch may be the reason you opt-in to it.

Not only is the plugin great to use for gaining social shares, it is also easy to use just in general and has a ton of placement and customization options to help snag shares.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7

There is much beauty in simplicity, and it doesn’t get much more simple or beautiful than the Contact Form 7 plugin, which is likely the reason for its huge popularity.

As you probably know, the default contact forms for WordPress are down right sad. But this plugin makes contact forms easy to create and use on any WP site.

WordPress communities

Want to join a community of like minded WP lovers? Then check these sites out.

Rise Forums

Rise Forums

Rise Forums is a no nonsense, no crap allowed forum ran by Kevin Muldoon — a long-time and well-known WordPress blogger.

The WordPress section of the forum is a great place to ask questions and get help or opinions on everything WordPress. And the rest of forum is a great place to connect with other marketers and WordPress users.

WP Chat

WP Chat

WP Chat is a great site to connect with knowledgeable WordPress lovers and experts and to get feedback on topics about development, plugins, themes and a bunch of other stuff. Just explore the site and you’ll find something interesting to throw your two cents at.

Manage WP

I love this site because not only can you find some of the best articles on WordPress that have been published, you can start discussions with other WordPressers and discover great plugins without the confusion.

Manage WP gives you a great opportunity to connect with other top designers, developers and bloggers with a large influence in the WordPress field and definitely worth looking into.

Wrapping it up

We’ve done our best to curate a huge list of everything from top blogs to top themes and plugins and more.

You’ve now got plenty of blogs to read so you can catch up on all things WordPress. You’ve got plugins, themes and other great tools to help you supercharge your website.

And you’ve got learning resources to expand your knowledge.

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