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A WordPress theme is only as good as the functions it offers. Some themes may be multifunctional, while others focus squarely on one knock-out feature that will give your blog an almighty boost.

Much of the time looks don’t really come into it. Let’s face it, almost any theme can be tweaked around and customized to look a certain way. All it takes is a quick search to come up with a tutorial or YouTube video on how to tweak your blog.

To truly rise above the hundreds of templates and styles out there, a Premium WordPress theme needs to bring something new to the table. It needs to stand out, to offer something you simply can’t refuse – a feature that you just have to have.

Today I’m sharing with you a theme that lives up to that expectation. It’s stylish, clean and has that special something that the email marketers out there will love.

The building blocks behind Generate Pro

Generate Pro Screenshot

Before we delve into what’s so special about Generate Pro, let’s look at the framework that sits quietly in the background.

Generate Pro is a child theme for the Genesis Framework. This means for it to work, you need to purchase the Framework as well as the child theme and upload both to your WordPress Site.

Think of the Genesis Framework as scaffolding made out of Adamantium. It provides the perfect foundation – clean code, excellent functionality and SEO optimized – for you to build your website upon. It’s used by thousands of people for websites and blogs (myself included) and is trusted for its quality and powerful functionality.

Since Generate Pro is a child theme created by StudioPress, owners of the Pro Plus package will be able to download this theme for no charge, while returning customers to StudioPress can take advantage of a price discount.

The big killer feature of Generate Pro

Besides being built on one of the most powerful frameworks around, Generate Pro’s stand out feature can be seen at the very top of its demo.

Generate Pro Feature Box

That feature is the header-centric opt-in box – perfectly situated to capture leads as soon as visitors land on your blog. No need to mess about with any code to get your opt in in the place you want it. This theme has it all ready to go straight out of the box, making it hugely valuable to people wanting to build their email list. Because let’s face it, email marketing is far from dead.

Sure you could add your opt in box into your sidebar like everyone else. You might get a trickle of sign ups but don’t expect that to make much of a dent. As regular surfers of the great wide web, we’ve pretty much become immune to the sidebar opt in trick. We tend to skim over it, ignore it and not pay much attention.

The benefit of having your opt-in right at the top of your blog, slap bang in your header is simple. It’s above the fold; it’s one of the first things people will see before they even get into the business of reading your posts. Add in a juicy sign-up incentive and BOOM – you’ve got yourself a subscriber. People will take notice.

What else can Generate Pro offer?

Generate Pro isn’t just a one-trick pony – far from it in fact.

All you need to do is take one look at it to see that this theme means business. It’s sleek, minimal, uncluttered and unfussy. Its flat, optimized design makes it perfect for viewing on mobile devices, while multiple colour options allow you to change the look of your blog in a few clicks.

Other features include:

  • Three different options for your layout – ideal for mixing things up a bit
  • Big featured images to give your blog a highly visual feel
  • Threaded comments – providing a clearer distinction between comments and replies
  • Color options in Red, Green, Blue and Orange
  • An Archive, Blog and Landing Page templates to further draw leads into your mailing list

And of course a whole host of plugins such as Genesis eNews Extended, Genesis Simple Edits and Simple Social Icons, are available to download and use to compliment your setup.

Support and documentation is easily accessible. When purchasing Generate Pro, you’re directed to a setup tutorial for that specific theme, which is highly detailed and provides you with the basic demo setup. For further queries users are welcome to post in the StudioPress support forum or submit a ticket if they’re particularly struggling.

There are also hundreds of posts, videos and tutorials floating around the web. Packed full of sound advice for building your Genesis-based blog you’ll be up and running in no time.

Wrap up

Ultimately Generate Pro isn’t merely yet another StudioPress theme for the Genesis Framework. It’s a theme with promise, style and a solid structure. It allows you to go beyond the basic template and create something both visually striking and packed full of functionality.

What’s more, utilize its most powerful feature – the eye-catching header widget for your opt-in form – and you’ll see a massive improvement in the number of people subscribing to your email list.

Check Out The Generate Pro Demo


  • Powerful framework and solid theme
  • Potential to bolster email list with header opt in widget
  • Quality support with a great range of setup tutorials


  • Would like to see more functionality
  • Layout may be too sparse for some people’s tastes
  • Advanced customization is tricky but there are plenty of tutorials available to make this easier

Summary: Bolster your email list with the Generate Pro Theme – a child theme for the Genesis Framework. This clean, bold WordPress Theme puts people’s eyes straight on your opt-in box, driving leads onto your list.

RatingRated 4 stars

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