Your website is a powerful asset that can make or break your business. It’s often the first point of contact for potential clients so it’s important to make a great first impression.

One of the best ways to do that is by creating a dedicated lead generation page for your local business.

Your lead generation page can then be used in your social media profile or as the target page in your advertising campaigns; be it Facebook Ads or PPC campaigns.

What you will learn in this tutorial

  • How to create a lead generation page for your local business with WordPress using Thrive Landing Pages
  • How to save a page as a template and re-use it
  • Essential tips to ensure your lead generation page is effective
Tutorial information

Difficulty: Beginner

Time Required: 1 hour +

Content Management System: WordPress (self-hosted)

Tools Required: Thrive Landing Pages ($)

Alternatives: Beaver Builder ($) Leadpages ($)

Other Requirements: None

Summary of steps:

  • Step 1 – Install and activate Thrive Landing Pages
  • Step 2 – Create a new page and select a template
  • Step 3 – Customize your template
  • Step 4 – The end result

Let’s get started…

There are many WordPress plugins that can help you create a lead generation page or a landing page.

But if you want a plugin that gives you plenty of customization options on top of allowing you to create custom layouts in both your pages and posts, look no further than Thrive Landing Pages.

Thrive Landing Pages is a part of a premium WordPress plugin that gives you access to three plugins for the price of one: Thrive Landing Pages, Thrive Content Builder, and Thrive LeadBoxes.

Thanks to this plugin, you can create eye-catching landing page layouts, and use content builder anywhere in your posts and pages without knowing any code or changing your theme.

Step 1 – Install and activate Thrive Landing Pages

To get started creating a lead generation page, you’ll have to install and activate Thrive Visual Editor plugin which can be obtained either by purchasing it individually or as a part of Thrive Themes’ membership (read our review here).

Once you’ve purchased the plugin, you’ll be able to download the zip file which you will need to upload to your website in the Add New Plugin section of your WordPress dashboard.

Upload new plugin

After the plugin installation and activation, go ahead and activate your license by entering your email and your license key.

Step 2 – Create a new page and select a template

When you’re done with the plugin set up, click on Pages > Add New to create a new page. Give it a name, save it as a draft and then click on the button Edit with Thrive Content Builder.

Launching Thrive Content Builder

Go ahead and click the button to start creating your lead generation page. A new window will open where you will be doing most of your designing and editing.

The easiest way to start is by selecting from one of the many templates available and you can do so by clicking on the Thrive Landing Pages button in the sidebar and then click on Choose Landing Page.

Landing page templates

The selection currently includes 156 preloaded templates. Clicking on the Thrive Template Cloud tab will allow you to access even more templates and the best part is that some of them are specifically geared towards small businesses.

For the purposes of this tutorial, I’ve chosen ThriveBiz Auto but you can choose any template that’s suitable for your particular business.

Once you find a template you like, click on download button and then open it in the editor.

Step 3 – Customize your template

Every part of the template can be edited and customized to your liking and the design changes can be seen as you make them.

Customizing ThriveBiz Auto Template

A variety of different elements can be added to your page: from simple text elements, images, buttons, post grids to testimonials, pricing tables, quotes, social shares, and more.

You can customize the chosen template by clicking on any element of the page which allows you to change the background color, adjust the size of text, control the spacing by adjusting margins and paddings and more.

Elements can be re-ordered and re-positioned by a simple drag and drop.

Step 4 – The end result

In my example, I created a lead generation version of my current homepage.

I’ve changed the logo and replaced the contact information with my own.

Colors and text have been replaced to match my branding and to reflect my services.

The hero image clearly states what I do and gives a call to action to request a consultation or to view my portfolio.

The next section lists my services and the section below explains why someone should work with me.

I’ve added another call to action to request an appointment, which is followed by testimonials from previous clients.

The last section repeats my call to action which takes the visitors straight to a form on my website where they can fill out the basic details and choose a convenient time to discuss their project.

Lead generation shortened end result

Click here to enlarge the image.

The whole page took me about an hour to customize and you can see how I turned a template into a page that looks nothing like the original and is completely styled to match my brand and my particular niche.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free WordPress plugin I can use instead?

Yes there is, but the problem with these types of plugins is that they usually don’t integrate with email providers, or come with many landing page templates out of the box.

By the time you’ve purchased the add-on for your email provider (e.g. GetResponse, ActiveCampaign etc) and purchased a basic template, you’ll have paid close to (or more than) the cost of Thrive Landing Pages.

The only difference is that you won’t have as much functionality, email provider integrations or templates.

With Thrive Landing Pages you get a lot more for your money. And because it’s part of Thrive Content Builder, it means you can create custom page layouts on posts/pages like a regular page builder plugin. And it integrates perfectly with other Thrive Theme’s products such as Thrive Leads and Thrive Ultimatum.

How can I increase the conversion rate of my lead generation page?

Use clear and compelling copy

Make it obvious and clear what you do and who your target audience is clear. This is no time for fancy titles with clever sounding names. Present the problem your services or products solve and then explain how you can help your visitors solve that problem.

Include several call-to-actions

One call to action is not enough. If your page is on the long side, place your call to action throughout the page and be sure it stands out from the rest of the site. Use your brand color scheme and your accent color to make the buttons pop. Optimize the page where you call to action leads to and make sure it’s clear what you want them to do. Eliminate all the distractions and leave just one option they should focus on.

Include testimonials

Using testimonials is a great way to show people have used or bought your product before and to show what their experience has been working with you. If you have video testimonials or a video that shows people using your product, don’t forget to include that too.

Use graphics wisely

Images and graphics are the first thing that draws the eye. Use them strategically and carefully as the wrong image can completely ruin the experience and detract from the rest of your page. Include a hero image at the top of your page which represents your brand or shows your product being used.

Make your content scannable

It can be tempting to include as much information as possible out of fear of leaving important information out but the truth is most people scan the content on the web. Write in bullets if you can or use short, concise paragraphs. Bold important words and include headlines to mark different sections of the page. Consider using interactive elements, such as short video which can engage visitors who want more info without making the page look overwhelming.

How do I save a page as a template and re-use it?

The process of saving the template is easy:

  1. Create a new WordPress page, name it, save or publish it and then load an existing landing page from the “Default Landing Page” tab in the template library.
  2. Customize the loaded page content to fit your needs. Make all the necessary changes such as the text, the colors, margins, paddings, images, and click Save Changes.
  3. To save your landing page as a template, expand the Thrive Landing Pages drop- down menu, and select Choose landing page, then enter a meaningful name in the window on the left. Finally, click on Save Landing Page.

To re-use the template simply open up the page you want to edit, select the option to edit the page with Thrive Content Builder, expand the Thrive Landing pages drop down menu and click on Choose landing page. Then click on the Custom Landing Pages tab and select your saved template.

From there, you can modify only the text, or add and remove any elements you may want to change.

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Wrapping it up

Using Thrive Landing Pages is extremely easy and the best part is that you don’t have to know any coding to create gorgeous and complex designs.

Lead generation pages are the secret weapon for local business owners who want to get the best conversion rate possible. Thankfully, Thrive Landing Pages makes it easy to create great looking lead generation pages which can take your business to the next level.

Posted by Ana Lynn Amelio

Ana Lynn Amelio is a WordPress designer and freelance blogger. When she isn't busy running her own small business Ley Design she can be found reading, enjoying Italian food, and helping her kids go through not-so-secret cookie stash. Follow her on Twitter or say hi on Google+