Do you like to review stuff on your blog? The fanciest iPhone cover? Or the new 50 Shades of Grey movie?

Well, I have, and allow me to share a personal discomfort with you.

Reviewing products in WordPress is awesome, but most WordPress themes are missing the features needed to produce a solid review. To maintain consistency on your site, you should aim to have a:

  • Uniform layout
  • Fixed width cover image
  • Introduction to the product you’re describing
  • Rating meters and
  • Pros and cons list

Ideally, these are the features people are looking for in a review site. In this article I’m going to share a list of the best review plugins for WordPress. These are super easy to setup and deploy and will help you create amazing reviews, in minutes.

Impress visitors and search engines with WP Rich Snippets

WP Rich Snippets

Let’s start with the best – WP Rich Snippets is the de facto standard in premium WordPress review plugins. We use it in our site – WP Superstars and we loved it from day one. Check out our detailed review of WP Rich Snippets to find out why we love (and recommend) it so much.

You can download the ‘lite’ version of the plugin by subscribing to the newsletter – which is a pretty sweet deal to try out the core features. Once you’ve settled on the plugin, you can buy the full/premium version starting at $69 (single site license) coupled with one year of support and updates.


  • Review various product types – from restaurant to organizations and services
  • Multiple schema and rich snippets types
  • Aggregate reviews for real world statistics
  • Font icons support via Font Awesome
  • Unlimited review criteria

Price: $49

Get WP Rich Snippets Read Review

Create eye-catching reviews with Taqyeem – WordPress Review Plugin

Taqyeem WordPress Review

Taqyeem is the second best review plugin with an elegant, minimalist design. Developed by an Elite Author, Taqyeem has clocked over 800 sales in CodeCanyon. Taqyeem supports multiple design features such as unlimited colours, Google Web Fonts and advanced typography options.


  • Add reviews to your pages and custom post types
  • Supports unlimited review criteria
  • Widgets include Best Reviews, Recent Reviews and Random Reviews
  • 3 review styles viz. stars, points and percentage
  • You can purchase separate addons such as Buttons Addon and the Predefined Criteria Addon
  • Multilingual and RTL languages support.

Price: $16

Get Taqyeem

Create detailed reviews with WP Review

WP Review

WP Review is a feature rich free solution to build a review site with little investment. Developed by MyThemeShop, this plugin is enormously developer friendly. You can fork the plugin at GitHub or contribute to its code. The premium version of the plugin – WP Review Pro retails at $19 and comes with video tutorials and lifetime free updates.


  • Supports Google Rich Snippets
  • Supports 3 rating systems – points, stars and percentage
  • Global settings – you can change colours, fonts and positions to reflect your theme
  • You can also customize design of specific reviews
  • It supports a tabbed widget where you can recent reviews and popular reviews
  • Supports a shortcode – [wp-review]
  • Demos: 1 2 3

Price: Free / $19

Get WP Review Get WP Review Premium

Deploy a review site with WP Product Review

WP Product Review

This plugin is developed by CodeInWP and follows a similar freemium model as WP Review does – there’s a free version with a premium version that unlocks additional features.

Although the design is VERY different.


  • The premium version supports shortcodes (premium)
  • Custom icons support (premium)
  • Active pre-loader which produces faster load times and a smoother user experience (premium)
  • Call to action button
  • Display’s pro’s and con’s
  • Displays rich snippets

Price: $27+

Get WP Product Review Get WP Product Review Premium

Rich Reviews is one of the best free review plugins

Rich Reviews

Rich Reviews is a completely free plugin with an interesting list of features.


  • It allows you to moderate submissions and choose which reviews to publish/show in each product’s review page
  • It is built around shortcodes for its functionality
  • The shortcodes can be placed any post, page, footer, sidebar or any widgetized area in your site
  • An external CSS file makes it easy to customize and increases portability among themes.
  • Supports aggregated reviews so that the product’s ratings are clearly visible in Google’s SERP

Price: Free

Get Rich Reviews

Final thoughts

This list of review plugins for WordPress can be inconceivably helpful in building a review site in a particular niche – for example, the latest iPhone, a new album or an Amazon product.

If the idea of starting a niche site was buzzing in your mind – this is the best way to start!

Posted by Sourav Kundu

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