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Hi there! I'm Sourav. I dig comedy, WordPress, computers and tea - CWCT if you will. I can also write clean, precise copy for your projects. Portfolio is under construction. You can reach me on Twitter @Souravify.

How To Buy A WordPress Theme Without Wasting Your Money

How To Buy A WordPress Theme Without Wasting Your Money

Are you having trouble selecting the next WordPress theme for your new project? It’s difficult, isn’t it? You’ve gone through dozens of themes and selected a handful and now you cannot decide which one to pick. Ultimately, you pick one...

/ August 21, 2015
Cool Things You Can Do With WordPress Today

9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know WordPress Could Do

WordPress is one of the leading content management solutions in the world with over 60% of the CMS market share. From leading magazines with millions of readers, to a 6th grader’s poem diary – WordPress has room for everyone! But wait...

/ August 13, 2015
Top Premium Plugins For WordPress

15 Powerful Premium Plugins For WordPress To Supercharge Your Website

One of the major reasons for WordPress’ unparalleled success as a CMS is its ability to extend its capabilities with the help of plugins. There are thousands of plugins in the WordPress repository with a new one added every week....

/ May 12, 2015
Genesis Framework Review

Genesis Framework Review: What’s The Big Deal?

Have you ever found yourself working endlessly on a WordPress theme and/or paying hundreds of dollars to a developer to customize it for you? And when the time comes to change that theme, all your past work flows down the...

/ August 11, 2014
How To Disable Directory Browsing In WordPress

How To Disable Directory Browsing In WordPress

By default most webservers like Apache, NGINX and LiteSpeed have directory browsing enabled. It simply means that people can view the content of the individual folders (directories) in your website. From a security standpoint you don’t want this happening since...

/ August 7, 2014
Easy Ways To Install A WordPress Theme

3 Easy Ways To Install A WordPress Theme

Installing a WordPress theme can be a tricky business if not done correctly. You stand the risk of wrecking your current active theme and/or deleting important plugin and theme files. You can install a WordPress theme in one of three...

/ July 28, 2014 vs Vs Why Your Self-Hosted Website Will Break Down Barriers

As a person who has set foot on this big and exciting world of blogging – a land filled with countless opportunities, choosing the right tools is of monumental importance. Now I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about these awesome blogging/content...

/ July 21, 2014
Easy Ways To Install A WordPress Plugin

3 Easy Ways To Install A WordPess Plugin

In this WordPress beginner’s tutorial, we’ll show you three easy ways to install a WordPress plugin. We’ve made this tutorial for folks who want to learn the best WordPress practices. We’ve begun with the easiest and the most recommended method...

/ July 7, 2014