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Christine C. Renee is part of the editorial team at WP Superstars and is a freelance blogger specializing in digital content and online product reviews. She works with professional bloggers and startup clients to provide engaging content that help customers save time and be more productive through blog posts, web copy, and ghostwriting services. Are you ready to engage with your audience? Find out if her energetic and friendly writing style is right for your blog and business.

Impressive Medium Styled WordPress Themes

15 Awesome Medium Styled WordPress Themes For 2017

What is it about that makes all other WordPress themes for writers jealous? Is it the elegant typography, simple lines, uncluttered spacing or responsive scrolling? It’s gotta be the the relaxed styling and ease of use, right? Whatever it...

/ October 21, 2016
Remarkable Ecommerce Themes For WordPress That Support WooCommerce

39 Remarkable E-commerce Themes For WordPress That Support WooCommerce (2017 Edition)

Do you sell physical or digital products online? Or, are you thinking about opening up an e-commerce shop to start a business or expand your current business? Then you need a website that’s easy to use for both you and...

/ August 11, 2016
Top Genesis Child Themes For WordPress 2016 Edition

35 Top Genesis Child Themes For WordPress: 2017 Edition

Have you ever visited a website that dazzled you? All the colors and functionality. The way the page scrolls. And the way a button dances when you place your cursor over it. An impressive website can turn visitors into customers...

/ April 25, 2016