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How To Scale A Country-Specific Site For Global Reach

How To Scale A Country-Specific Site For Global Reach

Making the decision to scale your site to an international level isn’t easy, but the benefits may far outweigh the risks. Let’s take a look at a few different reasons as to why you may want to scale a country-specific...

/ August 11, 2017
Quick Start Guide To The WordPress REST API

A Quick Start Guide To The WordPress REST API

The web has grown quite a bit over the last decade, and WordPress has fallen behind ever so slightly. More and more applications are being brought to the web with JavaScript, and more and more dynamic websites are being built...

/ July 20, 2017
What Is A CDN

What Is A CDN? A Beginner’s Guide To Content Delivery Networks

Note: This post has been completely rewritten as of 6th July 2017. Almost everyone has heard of the importance of site speed, even the average blogger with lackluster technical skills. However, not everyone is aware of what a CDN is...

/ July 6, 2017
Quick Ways To Increase Visitor Engagement

7 Quick Ways To Increase Visitor Engagement On Your Website

Optimize, optimize, optimize. That’s what you should be doing with your website. If you don’t optimize, you’ll spend more of your time, and more of your money in some cases, creating more content, content that won’t convert because you aren’t...

/ June 16, 2017
Paywall For Your WordPress Content

How To Setup A Paywall For Your WordPress Content

Choosing whether or not to protect your WordPress content behind a paywall can be a difficult decision to make. It can be even more difficult figuring out a way to implement this feature on your site. Do you use a...

/ May 18, 2017
SSL Certificates And WordPress

Everything You Need To Know About SSL Certificates And WordPress

You may or may not be familiar with SSL certificates, but you’ve definitely seen them in action. They’re what’s required to turn an HTTP URL into an HTTPS URL. They’ve become a necessary security protocol for certain sites, specifically sites...

/ April 26, 2017
WordPress Plugin Troubleshooting

WordPress Plugin Troubleshooting: What To Do When Your WordPress Site Breaks

WordPress plugin troubleshooting and figuring out what to do when your site breaks aren’t things general WordPress users want to deal with, but they’re inevitable when you use the platform on a regular basis. Some WordPress plugins are coded poorly...

/ April 18, 2017