Best Backup Plugins For WordPress

Protect Your Data: 5 Top WordPress Backup Plugins

You already know that creating regular backups is important. But for whatever reason there always seems to be a disconnect between the theory and the actual process. Too many websites and companies put backups on the back burner — until of...

/ May 24, 2016
WordPress Hooks A Beginners Guide

WordPress Hooks: A Beginner’s Guide

Trying to make some changes to your WordPress website? HTML and CSS can only go so far. If you need to make changes to how WordPress behaves, and you can’t find a theme or plugin that does what you want,...

/ May 19, 2016
How To Fix Disqus Comments Not Showing In WordPress

How To Fix Disqus Comments Not Showing In WordPress: A Troubleshooting Guide

Have you had an issue with comments going missing when using Disqus? Or maybe the Disqus widget fails to show at all? Others have had this issue too, but the good news is that a lot of these sorts of...

/ May 17, 2016
How To Create A T-Shirt Store Using WordPress P

How To Create A T-Shirt Store Using WordPress

T-shirt shops have been a popular online business idea practically since the birth of the internet, and for good reason: they require very little up-front investment, you can flex your creative muscles and express yourself with your designs, and t-shirts...

/ May 12, 2016
Complete Guide To Embedding Videos In WordPress

The Complete Guide To Embedding Videos In WordPress

Content may be king, but content isn’t just words. Videos can be used to great effect on any blog, helping you to reach a wider audience. There are plenty of people in any niche who prefer watching videos to reading...

/ May 10, 2016
How To Enable Google AMP And Facebook Instant Articles With WordPress

How To Enable Google AMP And Facebook Instant Articles With WordPress

It’s tough to keep up with all the latest changes in tech and blogging, especially when you’re a team of one. It’s easy to miss or ignore some changes – many don’t even catch on, so why bother keeping up...

/ May 5, 2016
Headline Testing For WordPress: 4 Plugins To Optimize Your Post-Titles And Boost Traffic

4 Easy To Use Headline Testing Plugins For WordPress

It’s no secret that crafting great headlines is a critical part of the puzzle when it comes to maximizing click-throughs and traffic. Sometimes a few small changes to a headline can result in a dramatic improvement. For example, LKR Social...

/ May 3, 2016
How To Pick The Perfect Domain For Your Blog

Choosing The Perfect Domain Name For Your Blog: A Beginner’s Guide

Once you’ve decided on the perfect niche for your blog, then you need to pick the perfect domain. This is another crucial step on your blogging journey. Think about it for a moment… Picking your domain is like choosing your...

/ April 28, 2016
Top Genesis Child Themes For WordPress 2016 Edition

35 Top Genesis Child Themes For WordPress: 2016 Edition

Have you ever visited a website that dazzled you? All the colors and functionality. The way the page scrolls. And the way a button dances when you put your cursor over it. An impressive website can turn visitors into customers...

/ April 25, 2016
How Do WordPress Themes Work

How Do WordPress Themes Work?

If you’ve ever wanted to modify a WordPress theme, or create your own, you first have to understand how themes work. In the early internet days of simple HTML web pages, things were much simpler. If you were looking at...

/ April 21, 2016
How To Find The Perfect Niche For Your Blog

How To Find The Perfect Niche For Your Blog

So, you’re going to start a blog – congratulations! Have you decided on the niche for your blog? Have you chosen wisely? Choosing the right niche for your blog is very important. It is fundamental. It is the foundation to...

/ April 20, 2016
Thrive Headline Optimizer Review

Thrive Headline Optimizer: Create Great Headlines With Less Work

If you run a website that relies on content to attract new visitors and keep them engaged, you’re faced with a variety of challenges. We all know that good content is time-consuming and expensive to produce — fluffy 600-words blog...

/ April 19, 2016
Help wanted wordpress job board theme roundup

6 Great Job Board Themes For WordPress In 2016

If you’re preparing to launch a WordPress based job board, you’re in luck. There are plenty of great job board themes available and with just a little research, you’ll be able to pick the one that is just right for...

/ April 13, 2016
Marketify Review

Marketify Review – Create Your Own Digital Marketplace With WordPress

The continued rise of digital media seems to have chimed the death knell for DVDs, CDs, and paperback books. Today, it’s all about online video, MP3s, and eBooks. Sales of digital products continue to rise, and this trend looks unlikely...

/ April 11, 2016
How To Organize Your WordPress Website

How To Organize Your WordPress Website

Is your WordPress website a mess? If your categories are overlapping, your tags redundant, your main menu cluttered, and your old blog posts lost to time, then your website needs some spring cleaning! It’s understandable: the longer you blog, the...

/ April 6, 2016
Workscout theme review

WorkScout Review: A Functional And Stylish Job Board Theme For WordPress

If you’ve ever given thought to setting up a job board using WordPress, you’ve probably spent some time browsing through ThemeForest. No doubt one of the options you came across was WorkScout from Purethemes. Purethemes has a number of great...

/ April 5, 2016
Best Rich Snippets Plugins For WordPress

5 Best Rich Snippets Plugins For WordPress: Schema Markup Made Easy

You’ve seen them on Google: detailed and flashy links in your search results with author photos, event times, prices, star ratings, and more. What’s with those elaborate, eye-catching search results? How can you get them for your own website? Called...

/ April 2, 2016
What is a WordPress framework

What Is A WordPress Theme Framework? A Beginner’s Guide

If you’ve been using WordPress for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of frameworks like Genesis or Thesis. At first glance, you might not see the point of running your site on a framework instead of an individual theme...

/ March 31, 2016